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DHD Surfboards

Catch up with Darren Handley, head shaper at DHD Surfboards and household name in the surfboard industry.

Darren shapes boards for many of the worlds best tour surfers and free surfers including Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Owen Wright, Matt Wilkinson and Ethan Ewing just to name a few.

It all began for Darren Handley when he began shaping his first board 35 years ago at the age of 22. Although he'd been working in the surf industry from the age of 18, it took a few years before he built his first craft and ultimately found his passion for shaping boards. It's clear Darren and his board designs have come a long way since then with the constant design of new shapes and refining the old favourites.

DHD have a diverse range of board models appealing to surfers of all levels. These days Darren and son Zach Handley oversee the Australian production of 16 shapers, sanders and glassers with a rapidly growing presence in the USA and Europe.

Tune is as Darren reveals his favourite wave and what kind of boards he loves to shape most!

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11/24/2017 12:44 PM