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In The Bay: Gary McNeill

After running the production manufacturing for brands that have since become household names within the surf industry, Gary McNeill has taken a step back and likes to keep it simple these days. He's fortunate enough to shape his magic carpets from the comfort of his own home in a kitted out backyard shaping bay.

Gary's boards have caught the eye of surfers worldwide thanks to his psychedelic artwork inlays, experimental shapes and of course a little help from his long term team rider and environmental activist Dave Rastavich. Gary's recently teamed up with local northern NSW artist Sharon Blair producing a whole range of next level artwork inlay options which are available to order now on any of Gary's models.

A couple of unique features on some GM Concepts include the CV2 channel and torus channel. You'll find these on his CV2 model and Rasta Torus Twin model which he explains here. Get into it!

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