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Gary McNeill’s Sustainable Surfboards

It makes sense that a Surfer and Environmental Activist like Dave Rastovich in a world of mass production would strive towards a more sustainable answer to meet his surfing needs. Gary McNeill and “Rasta” have worked closely for 10 years designing left of field high performance boards tailored to his skill and style. Now with the right resources the two have come up with seemingly the world’s most eco-friendly surfboard construction. The end result is a perfect balance between strength, flex and sustainability.

Tune in as Gary talks with Magic Seaweed with exclusive footage of Rasta surfing his Signature Twin Fin as one of the first flax board prototypes.

The Flax and Bio Resin construction is now available on all Gary McNeill Concepts across the Boardcave network.

7/11/2017 9:21 PM