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Haydenshapes PE vs FutureFlex construction

The way surfing has progressed surfers are now looking for high volume shortboards.

The key is designing a board that blends high volume’s with shorter lengths, and a medium rocker that performs in the curve of the wave. The Love Buzz combines these elements perfectly.

The Love Buzz can be surfed up to 2 – 3 inches shorter than the standard shortboard and it will still carry the volume needed to pick up waves quickly.

Entry Speed combined with the acceleration of FutureFlex Technology, surfers on The Love Buzz are catching more waves and accelerating around sections they may not have usually made.

Q. So why PE construction?
Some surfers want to be a little more connected to the face of the wave, especially when the waves turn on, which is why they opt for the PE construction.

A PU Foam Core, Stringer, laminated in Epoxy Resin (PE Construction) finds a middle ground. Combining the feeling of connection the Stringer and PU Foam Core provides with the durability of Epoxy Lamination.

This is the simplest way to compare and choose which construction will work best for you when ordering your next Haydenshapes Custom.

10/28/2015 10:27 PM

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