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Holy Grail by Dion Agius

There’s New Blood in the Haydenshapes team and it’s big news.

Dion Agius a man of many talents and a surfer held by no boundaries now rides Haydenshapes. Coinciding with the release of his signature model, the Holy Grail is true to Dion’s creative style. Dion is one of the minds behind brands such as Epokhe Eyewear and The Octopus is Real traction brand. While the master shaper behind the brand, Hayden Cox needs no introduction either. Winning back-to-back board of the year awards for innovative design of the Hypto Krypto. Both equally stylish and creatively inclined, it’s going to be an inventive partnership to watch closely. And it is already evident between shaper and surfer after developing a truly creative, performance intended and boundary pushing outline. Watch it in action below.

Alike the Hypto, the Holy Grail can be surfed by any level of surfer but with the added ability to be taken to the next level of performance. Its progressive design is intended to be ridden shorter and wider than a traditional performance model. Adding plenty of volume throughout to ensure it can paddle effortlessly and glide with plenty of flow when surfing off the front foot. Looks can be deceiving and whilst it is shorter, wider and carries more volume, the design does not sacrifice any performance or response off the back foot. The inverted and most obvious break in the outline of the pulled in tail is a feature that has Dion’s influence all over it. The break and reason for this comes into effect while on rail which helps tweak out more stylish release. The contrast with having a flatter rocker profile gives a very fast and continuous speed profile to the board. If your current board is the Hypto, this model will be an easy transition and great progression to help advance your surfing.

3/24/2020 11:31 PM

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