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Kanoa Igarashi shredding in "Silence"

Is it just us, or do some CT surfers looking really in form for the next tour? Kanoa Igarashi is definitely one of those surfers.

SILENCE by Mr Igarashi and filmer Tanner Carney was half filmed in Hawaii as the pandemic hit and half on a secret escape from quarantine to Tahiti. In this break from World Tour Surfing Instead of taking up foiling or learning to sail, Kanoa has been training hard to get better. Since getting his signature Sharp Eye surfboard under his feet the STORMS the 22 year old has been ripping. We'll have to wait till the next tour event in December (if it runs) to see if Kanoa's dedication is paying off so for now, enjoy this 8 minute, technique refining bonanza.

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9/7/2020 10:21 PM

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