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Surfmobile: Van Conversion with Cyrus Stutton

A good set of wheels is essential as a surfer. They allow you the freedom to break away from your local beachie and reach out to other spots near or far. But, unless you own just one surfboard and don’t like to venture too far from home, you are going to need something more suitable to feeding your surfing addiction.

Vans are the best way to go…not only can you jam a ton of boards in the back, making sure you have whatever equipment you need for the variety of waves you may find, they are fairly easy to convert into a full blown “surfmobile” with the ability to take you away for the weekend or longer. Baja trips, the Pacific Northwest, or just posting up on PCH in Malibu when it’s firing, your “surfmobile” conversion van can be a safe place to store your belongings (including boards), provide you a warm bed, a roof over your head, and make a two day+ strike missions a breeze.

Here, Cyrus Sutton show you how to convert your van into the “surfmobile” of you dreams. PS, Cyruss recently had his custom “surfmobile” up for sale, while be builds his next, who will be the lucky owner?

All you need now is to browse through our selection of surfboards, build yourself a quiver and hit the road in style.

6/25/2015 2:23 PM

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