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The One Board Quiver

The one board quiver. As unlikely as it seems, we are here to show you that a single surfboard can have the versatility to perform well in pretty much all conditions. The following is a description of attributes that these boards possess, as well as a range of boards available on Boardcave that have been designed to be your perfect travel or everyday companions.

New to the scene, The Faded model by Chilli is their latest all-around travel surfboard. Adapted from their popular Fader model the construction of this board features heavy-duty glassing and more foam in the center to increase paddle power. Tune in to the video below to see team rider Lee Wilson put it through its paces.

As you may know there’s 3 distinct features that most shapers consider whilst making an “all-rounder” or “traveler” surfboard. The first is extra foam allocated in particular to the center of the board. The added volume and thickness isn’t so much visible as it is noticeable when paddling into fatter sections.

The 2 last features vary on your decision when ordering a board and they are the tail shape and glassing. Generally speaking a rounded more pulled in tail is suited for hollow waves and is a popular choice for surfers traveling to destinations like Indo. In difference to the round tail a wider squash tail will have you making the most of your everyday home conditions. This type of tail shape is more popular for people who are going to experience a contrasting difference in swell conditions.

Lastly, it’s often a great idea to go with thicker glassing for a travel board especially if you only have room for one. The end purpose of stronger glassing is to make your board tougher and last longer against the stresses of traveling or the likely encounter of heavy waves.

Here is a list of more boards we think could potentially end your quest for the mystical one board quiver:

DHD Surfboards – Sweet Spot 2.0
Pyzel Surfboards – Pyzalien
Haydenshapes – Hypto Krypto
Gary McNeill Concepts – Entity
Emery Surfboards – The Shadow
Panda Surfboards – The Goose

There is loads of boards out there that could potentially fit this category and with consideration of your location and the types of waves you will experience the one board quiver is more than possible. For any extra info on these models or any other model on Boardcave, hit the Chat button on the bottom left corner of the page.

8/23/2017 11:45 PM

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