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Webber Wave Pools

Over the last few years there has been lots of hype around developing the first barreling artificial wave pool. Both Kelly Slater and Greg Webber have been chasing this dream of offering surfers and alternative to your everday waves. For most this dream has simply been just that, a dream, something from a fairy tale that would never really come to fruition. However, last Friday Greg Webber announced his company Webber Wave Pools has teamed up with surf entrepreneur David Baird to build the first ever Webber Wave Pool at a secret location in South East Queensland.

Is this still just chat? Or maybe some public relations effort to keep the dream alive? Or has this secret site in South East Queensland, that’s supposedly owned by Mr Baird, actually been confirmed for the development of this fantasy land of endless perfect barrels. All we can say, is we hope and pray this is true as we welcome the idea of endless barrels. Anyone that wants to create an extra option to get your daily stoke is alight in our books. The deadline for the project is September 2015 which seems unrealistic but lets cross our fingers and hope Mr Baird and Greg Webber can bring this fantasy to life, yew.

2/17/2014 12:31 PM

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