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Best Resources to Track Your Surf Fitness

The symbiotic relationship between surfing and fitness is an endlessly beneficial one. More power in your turns, a longer breath-hold, a heightened ability to handle massive conditions. You name it.

We live in a digital world, so why not take advantage of this in terms of your surfing? There's a ton of really cool and innovative surfing fitness apps out there, and as all things go, some are simply better than others.

Let's get into some essential surf fitness apps so that you can start using your phone as an access point to better not only your health, but also your surfing through our curated list of our favorite apps.

Italo Ferreira
Italo looking pretty surf fit!

The Best Apps for Surfing Specific Workouts

Some surf fitness apps are just better than others. For apps that have been designed specifically for surfing fitness, take a look at our two highly recommended suggestions!

Surf Athlete

This app is one of the finest pro surf training apps currently available. And I say pro because not only do plenty of professional surfers use this program to enhance their fitness, but the gentleman behind this incredible fitness program, strength coach Cris Mills, is a true professional at the art of surfing fitness.

Surf Athlete is, and we can attest to this statement, a “highly effective training program that delivers results you'll feel in the ocean”, which is exactly what we're looking for, right? After all, If you're going to dedicate any time block to fitness, then it absolutely makes sense for that form of fitness to target muscles and body movements related to surfing.

The different fitness academies are designed to cater to a type of fitness that Coach Mills calls “Surf Athleticism”, which is achieved by creating workout routines that promote flexibility, strength, endurance, and bodily longevity; all key components of how your body affects your ability to surf.

Surf Athlete App
Training programs found on the Surf Athlete App

Where Is Surf Athlete Available For Download?

Surf Athlete is available for download on both the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.

How Much Is It?

The app itself is free to download but features in-app-purchases for a range of available programs to choose from.

As stated on the app store, this includes:

  • Ocean Sports Academy (1 month): $18.99
  • The Perfect Pop Up: $79.99
  • Surf Training Foundations: $159.99
  • Surf Athlete: $129.99
  • Cardboard Surfer: $129.99
  • Stretches for Surfers: $27.99
  • Surf Skate: $139.99
  • Ocean Sports Academy (1 year): $119.99
  • Survival Apnea: $199.99

Why We Recommend This Surf Training App

This app is created specifically for surfers. The content within is not only produced by a professional fitness trainer, but someone who knows exactly what surfing demands from the body, which means a fitness program guaranteed to enhance your surfing.

You can purchase classes as you progress and there is an incredible community within that you can learn from and grow with, so if you're looking for a good surf fitness app then this is surely a go-to choice.

Surf Ready Fitness

Surf Ready Fitness is brought to you by a seasoned professional in the space of surfing-specific fitness, Paul Norris. With over 20 years experience training athletes leading him to create training programs designed specifically for surfing.

All available to you at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.

With the Surf Ready Fitness app, you can browse through endless workouts and over 500 exercises that will each promote a surf-ready level of physical fitness all rated based on difficulty.

What might just be best about the Surf Ready Fitness app is the programs offered for continuity and progress with your surfing fitness.

Choose from the surf performance program or the forever surfing program depending on your goals. Within a few seconds you’ve got a surf specific program ready to follow.

Surf Ready Fitness App

Where Is Surf Ready Fitness Available For Download?

This surfing fitness app is available for download here.

How Much Is It?

Surf Ready Fitness is entirely free to download!

Why We Recommend This Surf Training App

Surf Ready Fitness is one of the few fitness applications that are designed specifically for surfing workouts, and because of such, it is one of the best.

If you are wanting to improve your surfing Paul Norris is a leader in the field.

The Surf Ready Fitness app has one of the most simple to follow layouts, all you need to do is one clean and start your training session. Best yet, this app is free to download, so you can save the monthly gym costs for a new board instead.

The Best Apps for General Physical Fitness

Some of the best all-around fitness apps.

Simply curate your routine to focus on stamina through cardio, light strength training and flexibility, and you will utilize these apps to their full advantage to help fuel your surfing.


TRX is a leading app for fitness. It might not market itself as a surf training app, but that doesn't mean there isn't more than enough potential to really up your fitness game by using this effective application.

By choosing workouts that target endurance and light strength training, you can build a customized workout plan taught by live coaches and high-quality videos for a body built for surfing. This app says that with it you will work smarter and not harder, as the workouts become more personalized the more you use the app, and it doesn't matter where you stand in your fitness levels as there's a routine in here for everyone.

When it comes to surfing, we want as much time in the water and as much energy as possible, so it seems like working smarter is just the right call. TRX has awesome technology for tracking your fitness as well, so not only will you be able to definitively tell a difference when in the water, but you can visualize your progress along the way directly on the app.

TRX fitness app
TRX app features

Where Is TRX Available For Download?

TRX is available for download on both the IOS App Store and Google Play for Android.

How Much Is It?

The app is free to download, but features in-app purchases that range from:

  • TRX Membership Monthly: $4.99
  • TRX Membership Yearly: $39.99
  • Weight Loss: $1.99
  • Upper Body Strength: $1.99
  • Lower Body: $1.99
  • Strength for Running: $1.99
  • TRX For Yoga: $1.99

Why We Recommend This Surf Training App

There's not a whole lot of pro surf training apps out there, and because of such, you'll have to resort to other standard fitness apps like this one. We like this app a lot because you can easily customize your workout plans so that they are suited specifically for surfing, and it's also super affordable.

With advanced technology, the content in this application is extremely professionalized, and their tracking tools make it simple to visualize your fitness progress.


Centr is a fitness app designed by Chris Hemsworth, and last I checked that bulky fella does indeed partake in a surf sesh here and there, so although this is another one that isn't necessarily specific to surfing; it is still entirely worth considering if you're looking to smash some fitness milestones to further progress your surfing.

That's because Centr is one of the most innovative and professional fitness resources currently available, as Centr goes well beyond only your workouts and offers training with world-class physical trainers through a variety of programs. It also includes resources for meal prep guidance from world-class chefs, overall nutrition information, and fitness tracking for a whole-body experience that aims to promote the results you need for better surfing.

Although you can use this app at the gym, you don't need any equipment at all, and most of the workouts only take 40 or so minutes, so you can leave more room in your day for ocean time.

cntr fit chris hemsworth
Features from the Cntr Fit app and Chris Hemsworth throwing a cheesy shaka

Where Is Centr Available For Download?

You can download this surfing fitness app from both the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.

How Much Is It?

This app is free to download and features a six-week free trial, but you will be required to pay for the services once that is up. The prices for those are as follows:

  • 1 Month (standard): $19.99
  • 1 Month (Standard+): $29.99
  • 3 Months (standard): $47.99
  • 3 Months (Standard+):$59.99
  • 12 Months (standard): $119.99
  • 1 Month (foundation): $15.99
  • 3 Months (foundation): $37.99
  • 12 Month (foundation): $95.99

Why We Recommend This Surf Training App

This surf training app is excellent because it goes beyond only your fitness. Although the workout and exercise resources are provided by some of the best trainers in the business, none of your fitness will progress without a focus on nutrition as well, and this app ensures to hit on both with equal prowess.

This app maintains a focus on mindfulness as well, and having a calm and relaxed mind is an essential aspect of being able to comfortably read waves when the conditions get big. There are even sleep guides, so you can get that solid 6 hours before dawn patrol and feel super rested.

The app might be a little expensive, but it is well worth what you are provided, and this app is one of the best available fitness apps if you are really looking to take things seriously and dedicate yourself to your new surfing fitness regime.

The Best App To Track Running

Because running will always compliment a surfing-focused fitness routine.

Map My Run

Running is one of the best ways to focus on your cardio and train yourself to surf for hours in the water. Running in itself is simple and straightforward, so we won't chat long about this, but it is still highly recommended to download a surf training app for running to track your progress.

Map my Run is an excellent running app, as you can save and track your past runs, visually see where you ran on a GPS, and of course, share your distance and favorite runs with others.

It's simple, but also a great way to watch your progress accumulate as the miles start stacking.

Map my Run app
Features from the Map my Run app

Where Is Map My Run Available For Download?

You can download this app from both the iOS App Store and Google Play for Androids.

How Much Is It?

This app is free to download and use, but it does also offer MVP subscriptions if you take running as seriously as surfing. Those prices are:

  • Monthly MVP: $5.99
  • Annual MVP: $29.99
  • Monthly MVP: $9.99
  • Monthly MVP: $7.99
  • Annual MVP: $49.99
  • Annual MVP: $39.99
  • Annual MVP: $59.99

Why We Recommend This Surf Training App

We recommend Map My Run because running is so good for your overall health and wellness, and this app is a free and easy method to track and share your progress with running.

Keeping your lungs and heart functioning at their all-time highs will help you to surf for long increments, and your surfing will do nothing but benefit even from a small running routine of just a few miles per week, so go ahead and get that first jog logged!

What App Should I Choose?

All of these apps are incredible assets to your surfing, and after reading through them you may find yourself still asking which one to choose.

If you are an extremely dedicated surfer and want to do nothing but focus on surfing-specific fitness, then Surf Athlete and Surf Trainer maintain the best resources to create a surfer workout routine.

If you enjoy surfing but also pursue a heightened level of fitness in general, TRX and Centr provide more well-rounded approaches to whole-body fitness that isn't necessarily specific to surfing but that still does promote your abilities in the water, and also contain excellent fitness trackers to keep up with your progress.

Map My Run is a great asset to keep on your phone as a means to motivate yourself to run and to also track your running process, and surfers greatly benefit from a nice jog here and there.

Staying Connected with Surfing Watches

Although many of the apps mentioned do not require a watch, some of the most advanced technology to track your fitness while also providing you definitive data on the waves and your surfing is with a surfing watch. We wanted to go into some of the top options that can help augment your surfing fitness experience.

The Apple Watch

With a waterproof Apple Watch, you can connect directly to your health app to track your fitness, including heart rate, calories burnt, distance, and so on both when surfing and when working out.

You can also integrate other fitness apps to use your watch as your own form of personal instructor that helps to direct your workout, and of course, hop on Surfline to check out the conditions before you head out.

apple watch
Apple watch in action

Rip Curl Surf GPS

The Rip Curl Surf GPS is one of the most advanced watches for surfing and also for other sports or fitness-related activities.

You can track your wave count, your speeds, distance paddled and so much more with this innovative surf watch.

The GPS Watch also provides real-time tide and wave data on your favorite surf spots so that you can keep an eye on the conditions right from your wrist.

ripcurf gps watch conner coffin
Conner Coffin and his Ripcurl GPS watch

The Whoop Strap

The Whoop Strap is pretty rad. Through this monthly membership program, you receive this watch and all of its awesome surfing fitness benefits.

With a slim design and 24/7 tracking sensors, this waterproof strap provides an analysis of your fitness, recovery, strain, and sleep metrics. All of which you can easily track from the mobile app that also connects you to a like-minded fitness community.

Regardless of what you choose, just stay dedicated to your routine by using these apps to your advantage, and know that your efforts are guaranteed to pay off in the water.

But more importantly, you are doing yourself a favor by honing in on your health as a whole, as once again, the lifestyle of surfing has further enhanced our happiness and well-being by initiating this desire for fitness.

whoop john john florence
John John boosting with his whoop strap and a close up of it's slim design