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Creatures of Leisure

Creatures of Leisure are one of the most popular surf accessory choices for surfers around the world. They design and manufacture everything from leashes and tail pads to travel accessories like surfboard bags.

Popular items include the Mick Fanning Tail Pad that also comes in Wide and Grom size and the All-Rounder Board Bag perfect your next surf adventure.

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  1. Creatures of Leisure
  2. SurfEars
Bag Length (ft)
  1. 6'
  2. 6' 3"
  1. Blue / Black
  2. White / Black
  3. Black
  4. Blue
Grip Colour
  1. White Fade Black
  2. Army
  3. Black
  4. Grey
  5. Navy
Length (ft)
  1. 6'
Grip Pieces
  1. 2 Piece
  2. 3 Piece