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Everything You Need to Know About Egg Surfboards

Are you trying to get to the next level and searching for a surfboard that can provide you with a different surfing experience? Then mid size surfboards and egg surfboards, in particular, might be the answer you are looking for.

Midsize surfboards offer the best compromise between longboards and surfboards. They provide the stability of longboards and the performance characteristics of shortboards. These are basically ‘do-it-all boards that can perform in a variety of conditions.

The Panda Surfboards Cicada model is a great example of an egg sufrboard.

What is an Egg Surfboard?

Aptly named for its shape, this surfboard resembles an egg with its rounded nose and tail. In terms of length, it’s midway between a longboard and a shortboard. It's soft and rounded rails help you carry speeds in weaker waves, ideal conditions for beginners who would like to try something different. Performance-wise, round tails combine the maneuverability of square tails and the speed of pin tails.

Egg Surfboards share many of the physical characteristics of longboards. These are thicker and wider compared to shortboards. Its thickness makes them more buoyant or floats even on small waves. Egg surfboards also have a bigger surface area making it easier for beginners to stand up on the board.

How Long Should my Egg Surfboard be?

Egg surfboards are usually 6 to 8.5 feet long plus or minus a few inches and are considered mid-sized boards. Shortboards, on the other hand, are about 5 to 7 feet long. As you can see, there’s an area where egg surfboards and shortboards share the same length but are still considered two different things.

A surfboard’s length in relation to a surfer’s height determines whether a board is considered a longboard, mid-board, or shortboard. Mid-sized boards, for example, are usually 12” over the surfer’s height. So, the ideal egg surfboard for a six-foot surfer would be around 7 feet.

The number, of course, is not absolute. A surfer could shave or add a few inches to the length, depending on what he or she is trying to achieve. It is important to remember that a board’s size has a direct effect on performance. Opting for a board that is a few inches below the 12” mark could make your turns sharper, but it also affects the overall surface area of the board. It’s a constant tradeoff between stability and performance.

Difference between a Fish, Egg, and Mini Mals?

A fish surfboard shares most of the characteristics of egg surfboards. They have a bigger surface area compared to shortboards which makes them more stable and easier to paddle. The major difference is how the fish board’s tail is shaped. Also referred to as swallowtails, the inverted ‘v’ shaped tail provides a better bite when weaving in and out of turns. Because they have a bigger surface area, they can also generate more speed through slow sections of a wave.

The Mini Mal is another mid-sized board that offers good stability while providing better maneuverability because of its size. These are perfect for small surf days and can be used by surfers of all levels.

What makes egg surfboards different from other midsize boards are their rounded tails which gives them a more pronounced oblong shape akin to an egg. Its round tail has a small surface area which offers little resistance to water. This shape also makes it easier for you to force your board under the water, making it easier to initiate a turn. Round tails are also ideal for making long and smooth turns while helping you maintain speed.

On the left is a Panda Astro Zombie fish, in the middle the Elemnt Surfboards Scrambled Egg model and on the right some Mini Mals by Thomas Surfboards

Why Ride an Egg Surfboard?

Longboards are the perfect choice for beginners because they are easier to balance and provide better stability. But once you master the basics and would like to progress to something more challenging, an egg surfboard is something you should seriously consider.

Egg surfboards are highly versatile boards and are an excellent addition to anyone’s collection. Although not the best choice for small or weak waves, these offer beginners better glide than shortboards. But once these pick-up speeds, surfers can now practice executing sharper turns at speed.

Similar to longboards with their width and bulk, egg surfboards make it easier for beginners or intermediate surfers to practice technical maneuvers in friendlier surf conditions. A shorter length gives it some of the characteristics of shortboards, making them highly maneuverable.

Are Egg Surfboards the Best Choice for You?

When it comes to selecting the best surfboard, there are no set answers. It all depends on the skill level of the surfer and what they are trying to achieve in terms of performance. Egg Surfboards with their bigger surface area and round tail make them an excellent choice for beginners. These boards are highly stable and can make turns more quickly compared to longboards.

Egg Surfboards are ideal for beginners who want to build their skills and improve their performance. It allows them to make more challenging technical maneuvers while offering a more stable platform to make these moves. But egg surfboards are more than training equipment. These are all-around performers who can be used by intermediate and advanced surfers in a variety of surfing conditions.

Watch the clip below to see the Elemnt Scrambled Egg in action, this board is a great option for beginners advancing to more intermediate but also advanced surfers looking for a bit of fun!