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Five Fin Surfboards

Five Fin Surfboards are becoming more and more common in the world of surfboards. Having a five fin board such as the Pyzel Ghost gives you the option to surf your board as a quad fin (4 fins) or as a thruster (3 fin). Why weigh up the pro's and con's of the Thruster vs Quad Fin when you can easily have both.

Having the five fin option gives you the best of both worlds and broadens the versatility of your surfboard, which is why it is made the stock standard for stock models today. The Thruster fin set up is the most common layout, performing well in most conditions, lending a stable feel to a maneuverable board. Thrusters are the standard for professional surfing, when the waves are high performance and allow for lots of turns. The Quad fin offers Increased speed and strong hold in hollow waves, still remaining highly maneuverable with a degree of looseness due to no middle back fin like the thruster. View our Fin Guide for more information on choosing the right fins for your surfboard.

Going with the Five Fin set up allows you to experiment with an endless amount of fin combinations. Combine your ideas with a custom surfboard from some of the best Surfboard Shapers in the US and score the perfect board for your skills and needs.

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