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Flax Surfboards

gary mcneill surfboard constructed in flax

Environmentally Friendly Flax

Do you care about the environment? Are you conscious of the effect that tens of thousands of surfboards have on our planet when they end up in landfill each year?

Flax surfboard construction by Gary McNeill Concepts aims to reduce the amount of negative effects on the environment whilst creating an extremely light and durable surfboard. BioFlax construction is arguably the most environmentally friendly surfboard construction currently available. The Flax TreeTech Series is built using BioFlax cloth and recycled foam.

The flax surfboard blanks used by Gary McNeill are Marko envirofoam blanks sourced from Marko Foam. These surfboard blanks consist of recycled foam, reducing wastage from other surfboard blanks. Recycled foam does not mean these boards are weak; the foam is strong and consistent and is the most environmentally friendly option currently available.

The Flax TreeTech Series surfboards are glassed using Entropy resin. Again, this is a sustainable and recyclable bio-based resin which is the most environmentally friendly option on the market. All Gary McNeill surfboards are available in the BioFlax construction with inlays and artwork.

On comparison with similar products on the market, BioFlax construction creates a strong, high performance surfboard that is overall better for the environment than your standard polyurethane (PU) or epoxy surfboards. To understand more about how these materials compare against each other, check out our article PU or EPS: Which one is best?

BioFlax construction creates a lightweight board that doesn't compromise on performance. This makes it a great alternative to other PE or EPS surfboards such as the Carbon Wrap, FutureFlex or Epoxicore constructions. Learn about all of the different constructions available in our Surfboard Construction Types article. Flax boards also create a lively flax pattern making them feel alive and responsive in smaller every day conditions.

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