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Funboard Surfboards are a great go to for anyone on those less than ideal days when the waves don't have much power, or simply for the beginner looking to catch their first wave. A Funboard can come in a range styles from Soft Top Surfboards to Mini Mal Surfboards or even classic Single Fin Surfboards. Fun board surfboards generally have a wider template or outline and forgiving rails, making the board easy to paddle and forgiving to surf.

Funboards make for great Beginner Surfboards as they are usually very user friendly. They offer a lot of flotation and stability and are usually very durable so they will last you a long time...well past your beginner stage of surfing. Check out our blog - The Surfer's Corner or click on the following links to learn more about how different Surfboard Outlines and Surfboard Tails, Rails and Noses affect a surfboards performance and what surfboard attributes or features contribute to a magic funboard!

Popular Funboards

Symphony by Album Surfboards.
4 x 4 by Chemistry Surfboards.
The Plunder by Haydenshapes Surfboards.
The Power Pill by Timmy Patterson Surfboards.
The Disc by Album Surfboards.
Phantom by Pyzel Surfboards.
Beer Fridge by Chemistry Surfboards.

To get a better understanding of the different types of fun board shapes and maybe even get a better feel if a funboard is right for you, we suggest you watch the Electric Acid Surfboard Test below. In each video Dane Reynolds and Steph Gilmore, 2 of the worlds best surfers, ride numerous fun board shapes from a number of leading Surfboard Brands. They make comments on what features of the board they like or dislike and how different fun boards perform in different surf conditions.

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