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Ultimate Guide to Funboards

Your Quivers Best Friend

When it comes to a funboard surfboard, the name really does say it all.

A funboard is an embodiment of what surfing is all about- sunburnt smiles and having a damn good time in the water; the perfect board for anyone on those less than ideal days when the waves don't have much power, or simply for the beginner looking to catch their first wave.

So whether you are learning to surf and wish to capitalize on the buoyancy and easy handling that these surfboards provide, or if you wish to simply mess around on some sub-par conditions while still ripping it up, a funboard is an essential addition to any surfers quiver.

The Chilli Mid Strength is a great example of a fun board in the mid-length category.

What is a Funboard Surfboard?

A funboard surfboard is somewhat of an 'in-between' surfboard shape compared to standard shortboards, fish shapes, and longboards.

Generally defined as measuring 6-8ft in length, a funboard is both longer than a shortboard yet shorter than a longboard, and this makes a funboard one of the most versatile and easy to ride styles of surfboard to exist.

A Funboard can come in a range of styles, from Soft Top Surfboards to Mini Mal Surfboards , Mid-length Surfboards or even classic Single Fin Surfboards, so stick around to learn more about this staple to surfing.

Funboard vs. Shortboard/Fish

Funboard surfboards maintain a wider outline, a rounder nose, and thicker rails than a shortboard. This translates directly to buoyancy. More buoyancy in the water makes these surfboards extremely easy to paddle, both out into the lineup and also into waves, which is an essential aspect of learning how to surf.

Where shortboards are rather unstable, funboards provide a stability that helps new surfers to master their pop-ups and gain an understanding of board control that is otherwise difficult to attain with smaller surfboards.

As well as this, the easy paddling and effortless wave catching ability makes it so that experienced surfers can ride small waves that their shortboards otherwise cannot catch, and this adds a few extra days of surfing under their belt when the conditions are choppy, mushy, and lacking power.

Funboard surfing is simply a way to enjoy rad little cutbacks and floaters on waves that otherwise may go unridden.

Js Bigbaron The JS BigBaron's wide outline makes it a great paddler and provides lots of stability for both more beginners to advanced surfers on those smaller days.

Funboard vs. Longboard

A funboard surfboard is slightly more thinned out along its outline, nose, and rails compared to a longboard. Although a longboard is more buoyant and can catch even smaller waves than a funboard, they are slightly more challenging to control and handle due to their size.

This is especially true when learning how to ride down the face of the wave and when attempting to master your first turns, as a longboard can feel heavy and requires a skilled surfer to initiate turns down the line.

Not to say that a longboard isn't a wonderful choice of beginner surfboards, but new surfers may enjoy the fact that they can progress beyond only their pop-up with a funboard, also beginning to gain a true understanding of board control and how to use one's body to initiate turns on the open face.

The main benefit of a longboard would be the ability to walk up and down the deck to perform noserides, but once you get the hang of a funboard, you can indeed stretch the front foot out to the nose for a unique form of cheater 5!

longboard A Longboard can be a lot of fun when the waves are small. Photos by Izzy Hobbs.

The Different Kinds of Funboard Surfboards

The term 'funboard' is broad and general, as there are many variations of shapes and different kinds of funboards that fall under this definition.

Remember, a funboard shortboard is any board that measures around 6-8ft in length, so that leaves a lot of room for different types of surfboard materials, tail shapes, and fin setups, including 2 fins, 3 fins, 4 fins, and even 5 fins, within this category.

single fin Jake Mckeown cheetah 5'n on a Misfit Nuravr SingleFin Photos by Dane Singleton.

Funboard Surfboard Material Construction

A funboard surfboard is shaped with all standard surfboard materials, including PU (fiberglass), PE (epoxy), EPS (epoxy), and of course, foamies!

A PU funboard will maintain slightly more focus on performance, a way to provide experienced surfers with a shape that allows for easy maneuverability and carves on small waves. These funboard surfboards will not float quite as well as their epoxy counterparts, as they will sit slightly lower in the water, making for more aggressive turns as the board slices deeper into the face.

For a little more float and more reliability in terms of buoyancy and wave-catching ability, as well as added durability and a more eco-friendly construction, an epoxy funboard is the way to go.

For an affordable alternative or for beginner surfers who may be afraid of hard surfboards, a funboard foamy is a non-intimidating alternative to standard surfboard construction.

Foamies are awesome . You can ride them on sketchy waves, you can trust that they won't leave a bump on your head, and they are perfect for someone who is curious if surfing is right for them before investing in a more expensive, 'real' surfboard.

If you need a little help understanding the varying surfboard materials and why they matter/how they affect your surfing, then check out our latest guide to surfboard construction for all the info you need.

Funboard Shapes

You can find a funboard surfboard shaped with pretty much any tail shape you can think of.

From pintails, fishtails, squaretails, and more, the type of tail shape and the overall best funboards for yourself and your skill level should be determined based on how you like to surf and the types of waves that you generally ride.

There's a hell of a lot of surfboard shapes out there, so check out our blog - The Surfer's Corner, or click on the following links to learn more about how different Surfboard Outlines and Surfboard Tails, Rails and Noses affect a surfboards performance and what surfboard attributes or features contribute to a magic funboard!

The Best Funboards- A Buyers Guide

Surfboards are personal, and the best funboards for you all depend on your skill level, your style, and the general wave conditions you wish to ride your new board on.

To get a better understanding of how the different types of fun board shapes work, and to maybe even get a better feel if a funboard is right for you, we suggest you watch the Electric Acid Surfboard Test below. In each video, Dane Reynolds and Steph Gilmore, 2 of the world's best surfers, ride numerous fun board shapes from a number of leading Surfboard Brands. They make comments on what features of the board they like or dislike and how different fun boards perform in different surf conditions.

Then, browse through some of our hand-selected and most popular funboard surfboard shapes to find one that catches your eye, including:

4 x 4 by Chemistry Surfboards.

The Plunder by Haydenshapes Surfboards.

The Pill 2 by Timmy Patterson Surfboards.

The Scrambled Egg by Elemnt Surfboards

Big Baron by JS Industries

Beer Fridge by Chemistry Surfboards.

Once you've found 'the one', utilize our patent-pending Board Engine to nail down the dimensions that are literally the best for your body shape, size, and skill level, and you've got yourself the funboard of your dreams!

Ideal Funboard Surfboard Wave Conditions

Funboard surfing is highly versatile.

A funboard by no means needs a perfect wave, and these surfboards can be your go-to choice of board for a wide range of conditions.

Because of the added foam compared to a shortboard, funboards are perfect for small waves and otherwise mushy, weak conditions.

A little choppy? No problem, a funboard will still find some rippable shoulders in a sea of whitewash.

Funboards are a complete joy on mellower waves anywhere from waist to head high, but do note the rocker on your specific funboard surfboard shape, as some funboards should probably be kept at home when the waves are steep, fast, and barreling.

If your funboard maintains a slight rocker, then feel free to see how it rides down a slightly more aggressive and peeling line! The best funboard surfing conditions depend on how you like to ride, and generally, you will see the most benefit of this shape when riding sub-par, weak, and mushy waves.

Watch this review on the Chilli Mid Strength highlighting the benefits of board this shape.

So… Is a Funboard Really Worth It?

The honest truth is that every surfer should have a funboard in their quiver, and funboard surfboards are absolutely worth it.

As surfers, we often get locked into shortboarding and the adrenaline high that comes with pushing our limits and attempting new, radical maneuvers. And yes, that is what surfing is all about, but its also about simplicity, fun, and sharing good times and smiles in the lineup with yourself and/or your friends.

A funboard makes you tone back your surfing and appreciate the fundamentals of surfing from their core. A mellow cruise down the line, a subtle carve and cutback, a goofy cheater five; all on wave conditions that may otherwise go unridden!

And for the diehard longboarders out there, a funboard provides a little mix-up of turns and carves that is beneficial for their longboarding and that changes up the focus of noseriding.

When it comes to beginner surfers, a funboard is a surfboard that they will have and enjoy forever. From your first pop-up to your first turn down the line, a funboard surfboard will ride along with you during your entire surfing journey, allowing a new surfer to truly understand what it means to ride a wave and maintain control over their surfboard.

So yeah, you can definitely say that funboards are well worth it!

And don't forget your surf essentials as they can make all the difference in the world of funboard surfing. Dive into the waves with confidence by outfitting your funboard with the best surfboard traction pads and surfboard tail pads. Safeguard your hearing with surf ear plugs, ensuring you can ride the waves without worries. And when it's time to chase those perfect swells, don't forget your surfboard travel bags – they're your ticket to endless adventures. These accessories aren't just extras; they're the prerequisites that define an epic funboard surfing experience.