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Single Fin Surfboards

Single fin surfboards have been ridden since the late 1930's, during this time early surfboard pioneer Tom Blake started mounting boat keels on to hollow balsa wood surfboards. The design however didn't gain full momentum until the dawn of new materials such as foam and fibreglass which blew the possibilities wide open for the shapers and surfers of the 60's such as Robert August and George Greenough. Greenough's experimental revision of the single fin template dramatically increased the way surfers could perform. It wasn't until the late 70's that single fins and Longboard Surfboards stopped being the professional standard and the Twin Fin Surfboard took over.

Looking to have your own taste of surfing history in the quiver? Check out our selection Single Fins from traditional to modern performance hybrids. Single fins are still highly regarded in the world of professional longboarding with a lot of surfers choosing to ride only these shapes. At Boardcave, you can also find shorter single fin surfboards similar to that of the legendary Gerry Lopez and Michael MP Peterson who surfed these boards in competition during the 60' and 70's.

You can also browse the selection of single fin templates available through brands like Futures Fins and FCS Fins. Use our Board Engine to find, compare and customize your own Single Fin Surfboards from one of the leading shapers on

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