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Ultimate Guide to Surf Clothing Online

At Boardcave we have a range of Surf Clothing Online to choose from. From our branded Surf Tees to our Team Hoodies, we've got you covered. If you’re searching for men’s surf clothing and women’s surf clothing, below are some ideas on what type of surf apparel you should go for.

What is the Difference Between Surf Clothing Worn on the Shore Versus on the Waves?

When it comes to surf clothing, there are no clear rules on what you should wear on the shore or while riding the waves. For example, it is perfectly acceptable for a surfer to wear boardshorts and swim shirt both on the waves and shore. Most of the time the decision on what surf apparel to wear boils down to personal choice or whatever makes you feel comfortable.

However, certain conditions dictate safety over fun. These situations require the use of dedicated surf clothing and equipment, and this is where specialized surf clothing comes in. Surfing in cold waters dictate wearing a good wetsuit to keep you warm and insulated. A rash guard, on the other hand, as the name suggests protects you against chafing or rashes.

Why Wear Surf Clothing?

Thinking of what to wear while surfing? Surf clothing is more about function than show while shore clothing is all about comfort. Below we take a look at what makes surf apparel different.

· Quick drying – rash guards or swim shirts are usually made from polyester, nylon, and spandex which gives them their quick drying properties. One big advantage of wearing quick dry clothing is that these keep you warm by moving water from your skin.

· UV protection – want another alternative to greasy feeling surf screens? Surf clothing also protects you against harmful UV rays. Get sun-smart coverage for any water activity with UPF 50+.

· Skin protection – wearing surf clothing is like having another layer of protection against rashes and abrasions. A rash guard, for example, prevents abrasions or skin cuts if you skid across your wax coated surfboard.

· Provides insulation – a must if you’re surfing in extremely cold water. A wetsuit does not only keep your body warm but also blocks winds which can further lower temperatures.

· Flexibility – there are different types of wetsuits which include surf wetsuits and scuba wetsuits. Compared to scuba wetsuits, surf wetsuits are more flexible and lighter. These are especially flexible in the arms and shoulders which are needed to perform surfing maneuvers.

On-shore Surf Clothing

Although not much different from common beachwear, there are certain beach gear that distinguish surfers from ordinary beach goers. Whether it's that well-tanned body that hints of countless hours under the sun or the most obvious, a surfboard slung under the arms, below are the most common surf wear for your next beach trip.

· Board shorts – also known as surf trunks, board shorts are perfect for both casual and swim wear. This surf apparel is quite popular among surfers because of their durability and length. Board shorts offer better flexibility compared to swimming trunks and also offer better protection for your legs. Board shorts definitely shout surfers.

· Rash guards – another versatile piece of clothing, rash guards can be worn while surfing and on the beach. It gives you excellent sun protection and its quick drying properties make the transition from swim wear to casual wear seamless.

· Swim shirts – if rash guards are not your thing then swim shirts could definitely be a good alternative. Like their counterpart, this piece of clothing is designed for water activities and is a great piece to have while hanging out on the beach. Swim shirts are looser fitting and light weight.

· Sandals/flip flops – it’s certainly a great feeling having sand under your feet, but we all know that some of the best surfing spots are not found in popular beaches but often down the beaten track. Walking up a rocky trail, dirt road barefooted is not exactly the best or safest idea.

· Hats – a good surf hat provides good sun protection, durable, while being able to stay in place even while surfing, which in my opinion is the most important feature. Some surf hats even come with a chinstrap to ensure that your hat stays in place even when surfing.

· Sunglasses – this is more than a piece of fashion wear. In fact, sunglasses are critical in keeping our eyes healthy by protecting us from UVB and UVA radiation.

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