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Surfboard Fin Systems


Futures Fins

These 2 companies are the leading brands in the market today for surfboard fin systems. At present there are 3 main fin systems (fin boxes) that can be selected when purchasing a new custom surfboard. They are FCS, FCS II and Futures fin systems (fin boxes).

FCS II fin boxes will only accommodate fins with the FCS or FCS II fin technology systems. FCS II Compatibility kits can be purchased to ensure that your older model FCS fins can be used in the new FCS II fin system.

Futures fins boxes will also only accommodate fins with the Futures fin technology system.

Most Surfboard Brands will offer the choice of both the FCS and Futures fin systems. Be sure to select your preferred system and make sure you order a new set of Surfboard Fins to go with your custom surfboard.

FCS II Box System
Futures Single Tab

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