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Surfboard Glass

Surfboard Glass or surfboard glassing can be done with a number of different options. The most common surfboard glassing schedule for high performance shortboards is 4+4 x 4. What that means is you have two layers of 4oz fiberglass laid down on the deck of the surfboard and one layer on the bottom. Two layers on the deck is common on most boards as there is more high impact happening compared to the bottom due to your feet landing on the board or using your knees to duck dive.

When you start looking at hybrid surfboards, retro fish and mini mal surfboards, amongst others, you will commonly find a 6+4 x 4 combination of fiberglass. Moving into longboards you can see 6+6 x 6 or even some combinations of 8 or 10oz fiberglass depending on the intention of the board.

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