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Check out and use our Board Engine to find, compare, customize and Buy Surfboards on With some of America's leading shapers listed on you will easily be able to find and pick the right board for your ability and needs. With shapers busy making boards, and surf shops stocking only standard sizes, we have created a way to make it easier for you to actually get the right board for your ability and where you surf. Chat Live on or even use the Board Engine as a Surfboard Guide to help you find a board that best suits your needs.

Our Surfboards are shaped by some of America’s leading Surfboard Shapers. If you want to see some reviews, or need information on sizes, volumes and new designs, has you covered. We also have plenty of info on Beginner Boards.

SURFBOARD SELECTION To find a range of surfboards that will be right for you, use our Patent Pending Board Engine to find the perfect shaper and surfboard models for your surfing needs. Customize your order with our leading shapers on

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