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USA Surfboard Shapers

USA Surfboard Shapers continue to be among the world leaders in progressing a sport thats becoming more and more popular by the day. Creating innovative designs that have been tested in waves all around the world, American surfboard shapers continue to push the envelope and deliver high quality surfboards for all types of surfers, styles, conditions and performance levels. US Shapers are among the leaders in template design and development. With large surfing hubs all around the country including both East Coast and West Coast, from California to Florida, American Shapers develop some of the most diverse and condition specific board shapes and design available for surf today.

With this kind of diversity in innovation, testing and high level team riders, USA shaped surfboards can be found being ridden in conditions all around the world including Australia, Europe and South-East Asia. View our range of US Shapers including Californian custom surf brands Album Surfboards, Chemistry Surfboards and Roberts Surfboards who each have a distinct individual style that revolves around innovation and surfer specific template design to help progress skill level through boards that have been designed for every kind of condition. With plenty of world famous surfing towns like Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Oceanside and many others, it's no surprise brands like Emery Surfboards, Haydenshapes and DHD Surfboards are located in world surfing's heartland. With sporting legends Kelly Slater continuing to fly the flag amongst the worlds best and young guns John John Florence, Kolohe Andino, Lakey Peterson, Carissa Moore and Alana Blanchard ensuring more and more exposure for surfing USA, the sport is as strong as ever. With so much to love about USA surfboard shapers it is obvious why people all around the US and the world continue to ensure the industry thrives. Browse through our selection of leading USA surfboard shapers on to find, customize and order your perfect surfboard today. Popular Surfboard Shaper Locations:
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