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California Surfboard Shapers

California Surfboard Shapers are among the world's best. With a seemingly endless list of world-renowned surf spots along the Californian coastline, its no wonder there are an abundance of quality shapers up and down America's west coast. From Coronado Island off San Diego in Southern California right up to Caspar Beach in Northern California, there are world class beaches with world class surfboard shapers. Californian surfboard shapers are known for their innovation in style and design and include some of the biggest brand names amongst the surfing world. Make sure you check out Album Surfboards from Matt Parker, Canvas Surfboards, Chemistry Surfboards by Jason Bennett and the Robert Weiner created Roberts Surfboards for a large variety of custom Californian made surfboards.

Make sure you make use of the convenience of searching and finding the right board for you and customize and order directly with America’s leading shapers. Also, LIVE CHAT with one of our experienced customer service representatives to help you with the placement of your surfboard order.

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CA Information

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