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Wake Surfboards

If you are stuck inland and can't make it to the coast for a surf as often as you'd like or are just looking for a totally fun new experience, have a stab at Wake Surfing. Similar idea to Wakeboarding except you are not strapped in, you let go of the rope and you are essentially on a small surfboard literally surfing the wake of the boat.

There are two main types of Wake Surfboards that you can choose from, the skim style board and the surf style board. The skim style is similar to a skim board, flatter rocker and thin, usually with a little single fin attached to give you a little more control. These boards are designed to be surfed more like a skim board in that you can do aerials and pop shuvits, etc, but are not that great for turning on the rail. The Surf style is basically a little surfboard designed to fit in the pocket of the wake. These boards are thicker, incorporate some rocker and are usually found as a twin fin or quad fin set up. A better choice if you like to surf off the rail, wrapping quick turns, and still good for boosting airs. The style you choose is totally up to you.

Both of these styles of wake surfboards are very much like proper surfboards in that there are an unlimited combination of designs you can incorporate... concave's, tail shapes, rockers, outlines, the possibilities are endless and your best boards are usually going to be custom made just like a surfboard.

So next time you are looking for a new experience, check out wake surfboards online of your liking, find a friend with a good boat that produces a nice size wake, and hit the lakes, oceans or rivers near you and get radical! Check out the Board Engine to find your customisable board today.

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