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Canvas Surfboards

Starting out in the family garage, Founder and Creative Director Christian Wach conceptualized Canvas Surfboards at the age of 18 with the dream of bringing creative freedom to surfboards. Since then the brand has grown to international status and can be found all throughout the world including the US, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the United Kingdom. Artistic flavors, resin tints and colorful Californian styling are just a few of the iconic Canvas Surf characteristics. Partnering up with shaper Ryan Engle, an Aku Shaping wizard who pays meticulous attention to the fine details of every board and hand finishes to perfection each Canvas board, as well as brother Carson Wach who assists with the keeping the creative endeavors of the brand flowing freely, Canvas Surfboards literally has something to offer for everyone that totally stokes on surfing and coastal lifestyles.

Located in California's San Clemente, Canvas Surfboards has access to some of the best breaks going around and draws on this diversity of waves and heritage of style to create a large range and variety of boards to suit just about everyone. From classic logs like the Purchase, midlengths like the Sano Free, hybrids like the Race Car and high performance shortboards like the High Standards, Canvas Surfboards is sure to have the perfect board for your ability and surfing needs. All designs are tested and proven by Christian, Carson and Ryan before being tossed to the Canvas team who include accomplished surfers such as Kameron Brown and Corey Colapinto to give feedback and further refine the templates. With team photographer Brooklyn Dombrowski capturing the stoke while ambassador Hannah Norton shows how the Canvas Surfboards lifestyle is lived each and every day, Canvas Surfboards is a surf brand truly capturing a style that reflects Californian and world-wide surf culture.

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