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New Smyrna Surfboard Shapers

Florida has always been a hot bed for top notch surfers, many of whom end up world class on the ASP roster. New Smyrna Beach is no exception. With one of the most high performance testing grounds along the Florida coastline, New Smyrna Surfboard Shapers and its surfers have been on the cutting edge of design and experimentation since the areas surf industry spawned. Since the 1970's, it has hosted a good number of professional contests, producing and bringing in some of the worlds best surfers like Kelly Slater, Tom Carroll, Sunny Garcia, and more recently the Geiselman brothers. It's ultra high performance set up at the Inlet would also attract the likes of Curren, Pancho Sullivan, Shane Beschen, etc. allowing the local shapers to get their hands on what the top pro's were riding. Otherwise, local shapers were on their own, which in turn allowed them to forge their own style and credibility. Matt Biolos would make regular trips to the area adding to the influence for high performance designs, but has said that local shapers like Greg Geiselman (Eric and Evan's father) of Orion Surfboards, can definitely hold their own. Still these local shapers would take advantage of the local talent moving on in turn bringing the boards of top pros and shapers back with them, helping to progress their shaping skill even farther. This area of the Florida coastline is no joke, with the varying conditions, almost all the shapers are so well rounded in their abilities including producing some of the world's best big wave boards and surfers out there today.

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