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Surf Gear

If you are looking for Surf Gear available to purchase online, check out Boardcave's wide range of gear for surfing including custom surfboards from some of the best surfboard shapers and a wide range ofsurf accessories available in the USA.

From custom surfboards from some of the top shapers in the USA, to the most popular fin templates from brands like FCS, Futures Fins and Captain Fin Co., etc. And don't forget to look into surfing gear like leashes, board bags, tail pads and wax to keep those boards fresh, sticky, safe and rippable. Meanwhile, you can explore our diverse range of surfboard fin brands available, ensuring you have the ideal setup to maximize your wave-riding performance.

Anything you need to either get you into surfing for the first time, or to style you out with the newest surfboard models from some of the best shapers around the USA, fins from the top manufacturers, as well as leashes, board-bags and even some clothing.

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