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Waves are what make the surfing world go round; without surfing waves there would be no surfing. If you were looking to learn a little more about Waves, you have come to the right place. Surfing Waves are a wonderful thing. They make what we love to do possible.

Although it is true that no two waves are the same, it is the surf breaks that give them their general shape. As you will find out, a gently sloping beach will produce softer waves, whereas an abrupt change from deep water to shallow will produce a heavier wave. There are many types of surf breaks from point breaks, beach breaks, reef breaks, rocks, slabs, etc. Every spot has it's own personality so you can enjoy surfing many types of boards including longboards, high performance boards, Fish boards or even soft tops.

The difference between Ground Swell and Wind Swell, what wave period means, and learning to read the wind and other factors that can affect the quality of waves for you surf. To get a better idea of where waves come from, what happens to them and what causes them to get their shape that make them surfable, check out our article Where do Waves Come From.

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