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Longboard Surfboards

Longboards, Mals and Logs

Longboard Surfboards are great for any surfer looking for a more relaxed ride. Your 2 basic choices are a traditional longboard, also referred to as "Logs," and a more performance evolved modern shape.

Logs are usually retrospective of the golden eras from the 50's to the late 70's and these boards are strictly Single Fin Surfboards.

Your modern choices are the pinnacle of what performance longboarders ride today and are a great choice for anyone wanting to go that extra bit radical with their longboard surfing. Modern longboards utilize trailer side fins that are essential to pushing these boards to their limits. If you want to learn more about longboard fins, be sure to check out the Longboard Fin Guide.

Traditional longboards were around long before shortboards, especially that of the thruster fin set up. A lot of professional longboarders choose a more performance refined shape for competitions but there is still a lot of well known surfers who prefer to pay homage to the traditional feel of surfboards, similar to those created in the 60's and 70's. Note: Some of these boards are created without modern shaping technologies and therefore take longer to complete.

So you're thinking of a longboard? See our range of longboards from the world's leading shapers to find the ultimate log for nose riding, sliding or simply learning to surf. From High Performance Longboards,
Retro Nose Riders to learner Malibu Surfboards, we will have the board for you.

Our leading longboard shapers like Stamps Surfboards, Album Surfboards and Robert August Surfboards have a great choice of longboards and malibu shapes for you to customize and order directly on Boardcave. Choose a shaper to order a custom longboard made for your ability and needs.

While you're at it, check out the line of Longboard Fins from some of the worlds leading fin manufacturers such as FCS, Futures and True Ames.

Looking to improve your style? Check out our Noseride Guide for tips and tricks to evolve your noseriding skills.

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