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Malibu Beach Surf Schools

One of the most iconic spots along the California coastline, where the mountains meet the sea, Malibu's Surfrider Beach is a must stop for anybody visiting California whether you are a surfer or not. The infamous Wall, Miki Dora, Gidget... you name the icon and chances are they were or it happened at Malibu. In the middle of the Los Angeles area with Seal Beach and Long Beach to the south with nice beach breaks for surfing as well as Manhatten Beach and Santa Barbara surf spots further north, there's almost too many options for surfing.

If you are looking to catch your first wave, or want to practice the art of walking a longboard, aiming to get ten toes over the nose, Malibu Beach Surf Schools are in abundance for you. Grab a soft top, walk out with your instructor through the maze of characters and share the line up with surf stars and movie stars alike. Learning to surf in Malibu is a true California experience for anyone visiting this vast coast.

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Surfing in Malibu

Want to find out more about the History of Surfing in Malibu? Make sure you check out the Malibu Surfing Association to find out all your Malibu Surfing Information.

Check out the Malibu surf conditions to make sure you get the best weather conditions for surfing possible.