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USA Surf Schools

Across the country there are a large number of USA Surf Schools with excellent coaches and instructors to ensure you get the most out of your surfing experience. From California Surf Schools all the way to New York Surf Schools, you can literally gain the knowledge you need to progress your surfing, no matter what level you are at. With Surf schools in America providing you with feedback and technical ability, you can either learn to surf or optimize your wave selections depending on your skill level.

With more confidence gained by learning correct technique in a safe environment, USA Surf lessons can help you enjoy the ocean to it's fullest. Whether you are wanting to just get to your feet on a board, or wanting to progress to more difficult maneuvers, a surf instructor can provide you with the knowledge you need.

Surf schools in Florida along with North Carolina Surf Schools will allow you to take your surfing to the next level, whatever that level is. With a large number of surf schools in America, you can be sure that you will find one that is right for you.

If you are starting out, most surf schools will offer great soft top surfboards which are fantastic to learn one. Once you progress you can look to any of our surfboard shapers to order a custom board for your level and needs.

No matter where you're looking to progress your surfing across the country, American Surfboard Shapers will be able to provide you with a board to suit your skill level and surfing conditions. If you want more information on local areas, check out some of our more popular Surf School locations below:

Santa Barbera Surf Schools
Huntington Surf Schools
Oceanside Surf Schools
San Clemente Surf Schools
New York Surf Schools
Florida Surf Schools
North Carolina Surf Schools

USA Information

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USA Locations

// California

San Clemente, Oceanside, Huntington Beach, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Malibu Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Ventura.

// Florida

Jacksonville, Miami, New Smyrna, Brevard County.

// North Carolina

Outer Banks, Wilmington, Cape Hatteras.

// South Carolina

Myrtle Beach.

// New York

Long Island, Rockaway Beach.

// New Jersey

Ocean City, Avalon.