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Laguna Beach Surf Schools

Laguna Beach is an essential stop for anyone living or visiting California. Absolutely pristine beaches and hidden coves, great for snorkeling, scuba diving, known as the skim-board capital of the world, and lets not forget surfing in Laguna Beach. Just north of the surfboard shapers in San Clemente and Oceanside and to the south of great surf spots like Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach is right in the middle of surfing country, CA.

If you are looking for a fantastic surfing experience, you can have one with one of the many Laguna Beach Surf Schools scattered around this stretch of coast line. These surf schools will show you the ins and outs of surfing around Laguna Beach, and will not only have the first timer standing and riding waves to the beach on their first day, but can bring helpful tips to the intermediate surfer wanting to hone their skills.

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