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San Clemente Surf Schools

Could you think of a better place to visit and learn how to surf while you're at it than in a San Clemente Surf School? San Clemente is know for it's epic weather, pristine beaches, and one of the coolest little towns. Nestled at the very south end of South Orange County and surrounded by amazing waves, you can find a number of world class surf schools in San Clemente. With San Onofre, Trestles, Church, you name it to the south, breaks in town like T-Street the Pier and 204's, and Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Donheny, Strands and Salt Creek just to the north, there are a large variety of waves to learn on or hone your skills.

Another hub for surfboard manufacturing and home turf to surfers like the Fletcher Family, Dino and son Kolohe Andino, Matt Archbold, The Long Brothers, Shane Beschen, Chris Ward, the Gudauskas brother...and on and on...There is clearly no lack of talent coming from this town. Local surf brands like Album Surfboards and Canvas Surfboards can attest to that! You can rest assured that whether you are just starting out, or try to make the leap to competitive surfing, San Clemente Surf Schools will sort you out.

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