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Why Order a Custom Surfboard?

Why ordering Custom Surfboards means so much to the whole industry

If you are in the market for a new board this holiday season, really stop and consider ordering a custom surfboard from a domestic shaper. It really supports the heart of the surf industry. Surfboards, and the craftsman who build them for us, are the back bone of our industry. For how big our industry is, the fact that you can still order a one off board made specifically for you is a wonderful thing.

A custom surfboard can make a world of difference to your surfing compared to the same model straight off the rack. If you really stop and think about it, every person on this Earth is unique. We all have different body shapes and weight distribution throughout out bodies. So why jeopardize the performance you can potentially be getting out of a board made custom for you by picking one of stock dimensions?

To add to that, when you do order custom, it means that there actually has to be some thought and attention by a local craftsman to build your board. Even the bigger brands who produce a lot of boards, have to make sure that a custom surfboard is being paid extra close attention too, in a local factory by a local craftsman. This rule applies if you are stepping in a surf shop to pick up a new board, shopping at an online surf store, or going direct through your favorite shaper.

You think Stephanie Glimore gets her boards off the rack? Here she is throwing buckets on a custom DHD.

With consideration to the shaper, even if you are buying a local shapers boards who has his/her stock on the rack at a shop, the fact that you are tweaking dimensions to suit your needs gives them a mental break from mundane production shaping and puts them where they love to be…creating a specific board for a specific person.

Sure you can find SUPERbrand Surfboards in pretty much every shop around the world, but I guarantee you they get truly stoked out making customs.

Part of what we pride ourselves on here at Boardcave, is that we give people who live a little too far from their shaper of choice, the ability to still order a custom board from that shaper and have the customer service of actual surfers and experienced board builders to help them decide what they might need.

Every region has slightly different waves and every surfer has a different body shape or way of surfing. You can still get (insert board model of your dreams) but have it tweaked to your needs and the waves you generally surf.

And I guarantee you your shaper of choice will appreciate making YOU that board much more than he/she does making another stock dimension for unknown and sitting on a rack somewhere. You can do this through your local surf shop, online like here on Boardcave or direct through your shaper, so take your pick and get the right board for you!

Matt Parker of Album Surfboards prefers making custom surfboards for his clients. Photo: Asilda Photography

It’s so important for all of us to consider these kind of transactions over the Holidays. With so many Amazon or department store sales going on, hardly any of that money is going back into the local economy or the domestic surf industry. Supporting your local shaper with a custom order, you are passing that Holiday Spirit forward into good hands…and you are getting a board that will work that much better for you and mean more to you.

Just be clear here though, by local, we mean the American shaper…not necessarily the shaper down the road from you. If someone on the East Coast wants to support the boys at Chemistry Surfboards or Nation Surfboards on the West Coast, go for it. Or likewise, a West Coast surfer ordering a board from Essence Surfboards out East, it’s all good.

Ordering a custom log from Canvas Surfboards will make everyone’s holiday season that much sweeter.

So if you are in the market for a new board, order a custom surfboard. It is the Holiday season after all, treat yourself with a board perfectly suited to your needs and support the back bone of our industry while you are at it.

A six pack with your board order doesn’t hurt either!

But remember, it's not just about the board itself. To truly elevate your surfing, consider the details. Select the right fin setup, whether it's twin fins, thruster fins, quad fins, quad rear fins, or a versatile five fins configuration. These fins can drastically alter your board's performance and responsiveness in the water. Don't forget the essentials like surfboard travel bags to protect your prized possession during transport, surfboard leashes for safety, surf wax for enhanced grip and control, and surfboard traction pads for a stable footing. Together, these surf accessories can make a world of difference in your surfing experience.

Finally, make sure you check out the Board Engine to find a range of boards all made in America by professional shapers at the top of their crafts. Email [email protected] with your details for a detailed report of board recommendations for you.

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