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San Diego Surfboard Shapers

San Diego covers a very large area, with unlimited quality breaks all the way from Oceanside to Tijuana. In this stretch you can find point breaks, beach breaks, slabs, reefs, big wave charging, small wave logging and everything in-between. The surfers and shapers in the area are known for experimentation, high performance, and high quality craftsmanship. You have influential shapers like Skip Frye, carving out beautiful long, down-rail swallow and pin tail gliders, to Rusty Preisendorfer busting out some of the most high performance blades known around the world. Steve Lis used his surroundings to help create the Lis Fish, essentially the first fish of its kind, created as a kneeboard with a swallowtail for his fins to fit in. Carl Ekstrom creating asymmetrical designs that are seeing an unbelievable resurgence as of late for their high performance nature tuned into each surfer. The list of high quality craftsman is long and the roots run deep in San Diego. It is shapers and brands like Joe Virgillio and George Gall of Plus One Surfboards, Hank Warner, Marcio Zouvi of Sharp Eye Surfboards, Michael Miller, Chris Christensen, Steve Pendarvis of Pendoflex, Josh Hall, Skip Frye, Rusty and Clint Preisendorfer, Steve Lis, Tim Bessell of Bessell Surfboards, Super Brand, and the newly relocated Bing Surfboards headed up by Matt Calvani...the list of shapers goes on and on. All of these shapers blend the past with the present. Some focus more on the past, other the present, but they all possess uncanny skills with the planer and hydrodynamics. Do yourself a favor, visit San Diego and tap into its design roots.

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