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Isolated Perfection

by Ben P on March 22, 2017

A little afternoon good vibes to get you amped up for the week ahead. Asher Pacey’s grace on a wave is something to stop and watch, so you if you haven’t seen him in the water in person, just take a minute to watch this short clip of him in this fun edit from Rhythm. Just look at those fun rights over the ruler edge reef pass, the board’s he’s riding too makes those waves look super fun!

This sort of clip is the definition of hearing a whisper of a remote wave off the coast of Australia and going for it. Yes it might take a decent amount of research but nothing you can’t slowly achieve especially with google maps, a few cold beers, some mates egging each other on and getting that stoke high and mighty!

Hello, Sea

by Tommy Barrels on March 8, 2017

What Youth short films are our favourite here at Boardcave. The boys always manage to get a bunch of our favourite surfers together for films and mini series making them a pleasure to watch.

“hello, sea” is a timeless What-Youth-esque documentation of the classic Mentawai surf trip. Beers, shredding, adventures, mis-adventures and letting the good times roll. Here we see the usual suspects, Chippa, Craig, Yago, Dillon, Eric and Lee Wilson doing what they do best, absolutely tearing.

Lee Wilson ripping on CHILLI SURFBOARDS.

Video by Blake Myers and Aidan Stevens

Produced by What Youth and Kai Neville

Craig Anderson Luxury 29.99

by Tommy Barrels on February 27, 2017

Familiar with Former?

If you’re not it’s a clothing company worth knowing about. Owned and Operated by some of our favourites Craig Anderson, Dane Reynolds and Austyn Gillette.

To coincide with the launch of their 1st clothing line Mr Anderson has dropped this new clip. The first track may not be for everyone but Craig’s smooth style evens things out. Stay tuned till the end where some of the biggest and best punts we’ve seen from the man are slotted (including an ollie over a bodyboarder).

Craig’s most recent model is the Haydenshapes White Noiz

Asher Pacey in the Maldives

by Tommy Barrels on February 27, 2017

Asher Pacey has a style that’s hard to hate! Take some time out and escape to the tropics with a few fast and flowy lines with the Twin Fin master.


by Tommy Barrels on February 22, 2017

‘WINTERLUST’ featuring a handful of surfers – Oliver Kurtz, Noah Wegrich, Mitch Coleborn, and Colin Moran were headed away from their natural habitat and into the frozen unknown at the very same time. For the next few days, they discovered a new definition of “scoring” at Mammoth Mountain. And once they returned to their accustomed, liquid-form water, the coast had come alive. Here’s their story – a journey into interdisciplinary shredding, of sorts.


Video: Travis Kuhlman

Music: Yacht – Psychic City (Classixx Remix)

The Loot ft. Haydenshapes Plunder

by Tommy Barrels on February 2, 2017

Looking to improve your wave count?
Want to ride something in those tiny conditions but not keen on a longboard?

If this sounds like you then you’re going to love the Haydenshapes Plunder model.

Check this latest edit of the entire HS team riding this model on the Australian east coast, central coast of California U.S.A and Puerto Rico.

Of course you can also order the entire Haydenshapes board range right HERE as well!

Telo Menta Uber Jam | Volcom Surf

by Tommy Barrels on January 20, 2017

Need a clip to get psyched for the next session? Well this is it !!!

Watch what happens when the Volcom team link up for an epic 2 week boat trip.

Telo Menta Uber Jam | Volcom Surf features the likes of:
Yago Dora, Ozzie Wright, Mitch Coleborn, Pat Schmidt, Charly Quivront & Ryan Burch.

Mitch Coleborn‘s riding the Chilli Spawn (50/50 tech in the first section)
Yago Dora‘s like a bat outa hell riding the Futures AM2 Fins
Ozzie is making shit happen on Vampirate Surf Crafts

Enough words! Enjoy the clip!

Best of 2016: Haydenshapes Team

by Tommy Barrels on January 5, 2017

Want to watch a rad video of the Haydenshapes team best bits of 2016? Yeah we thought you might – check out the Haydenshapes crews highlights from a big 2016.

A few notable boards that you can see in the clip include the Untitled, White Noiz and the Love Buzz.

Go through and check out the full Haydenshapes range here.

Stacey’s Crimson Ghost Throwback

by Tommy Barrels on October 27, 2016

Throwback to Halloween 2015 when Stacey Surfboards Crimson Ghost was getting his shred on at Merewether beach.

The Ghost A.K.A. Jesse Adam tore up the waves with no other surfers daring to come steal his waves…

Happy Halloween Shredders…

Stab in the Dark: Volume 2 – Seal Approved

by Tommy Barrels on October 20, 2016

Dane Reynolds deciding on the eventual winner of 2016 Stab in the Dark contest, #74 by Pyzel Surfboards.

Following the success of the ‘Stab in the Dark’ competition featuring Julian Wilson, the team over at Stab decided double down and do Stab in the Dark 2016. In partnership with some big names like Swell and Corona Extra, Stab flew former WCT surfer Dayne Reynolds aka ‘Seal Tooth’ out 40 hours from Los Angeles to Johannesburg, South Africa on one mission. To find the best surfboard or shaper in the world.

Please note though: These surfboards may not give you the ability to surf like Dane…

With a 10 day time limit in June, Dane was the perfect candidate to test out 13 high performance surfboards with his go-for-broke style. The boards had no name, no dimensions and no distinguishing markings (other than their shapes). The amount of boards was this year bumped up from 11 to 13 with Dayne required to surf at least twice on each model to help him make the decision. Narrowing down his selection from 13 toa final four, Dane finally selected #74 shaped by Pyzel Surfboards, Jon Pyzel as his number one pick.

“I’m kind of saving this wave for good waves because it looks good. It kind of looks like a low rocker looks like it should be pretty drivey and hopefully good for today.”

The #74 was a 6’0 X 19 1/18 x 2 3/8 and was suited for Dane’s style of surfing.

“I kind of went through and rode the ones I was digging the last few and rode them later when it (surf) was better.” he said.

Dane noted on his sheet that the board was best suited for 5ft tubes and cutbacks.

“#74 and #31 (JS) are more drivey, down the line, point break boards, but both of them have really good qualities that I really like surfing. If I were going to go surf right now, fun waves, I would be the most excited to surf this (Pyzel), so I’m going to deem it the winner.”

More information about the 2016 Stab in The Dark board models is coming soon so watch this space…

For now, check out some of the other brands that competed in the competition below.

DHD Surfboards
– JS Industries
– Chilli Surfboards
– Lost Mayhem Surfboards
– Maurice Cole
– Rusty Surfboards
– Channel Islands
– Cole
Pyzel Surfboards
– Stretch Surfboards
– Arakawa
T Patterson Surfboards