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Inside Out

by Tommy Barrels on April 23, 2014

Alex and Koa Smith score in Mirconesia. Watch the boys enter some pumping blue caves with some dope POV footage.

Dane Reynolds Dirty Dozen

by Tommy Barrels on April 22, 2014

It’s not news that Dane Flipping Reynolds can surf. Dane is one of the best surfers in the world, when you watch him surf you simply get stoked. The mix of speed, power and his general go for broke attitude makes us and many others froth out on any of his clips. Watch this re-edit of some of the best of Dane Reynolds and try not get too excited, yew.

2 Days Dusty Payne

by Tommy Barrels on April 16, 2014

Dusty Payne is one of those surfers that disappear for a bit. You don’t hear or see much and then BAM you see their latest video segment. Their powerful and versatile surf skills quickly refresh your memory as to why they were the first surfer from Maui to qualify for the world tour. Dusty is one heck of a surfer and we are frothing to see more and more of his latest interweb segments, yew.

Golden Sunshine

by Tommy Barrels on April 10, 2014

Boardcave-Surf-Trip Golden Sunshine is a Queensland surf trip between two iconic Queensland surf towns. Accompanied by Reis Paluso from Korduroy TV, surfer Otis Carey and film maker Mick Soiza we hit the road in search of waves and general good times. After picking up Otis from Coolangatta airport we quickly made our way to Brisbane to the Castlemaine Perkins Brewery where we were greeted with a pallet full of Corona Extra. After packing the essentials, we where off down the Bruce Highway in hope of clear skies and clean turquoise waves.

We landed at the Outrigger Noosa Little Hastings in one of their secluded villas set amongst the trees above Noosa Headland and Little Cove. With easy walking distance into the town and a nearby drive to the many surf spots, we had everything we need.

photo IMG_2626 DSC_9694 Trip_08_Mick DSC_9654

Noah Beschen PLAY

by Tommy Barrels on April 8, 2014

Noah Beschen blew our minds in his latest clip. The clip’s title “PLAY” was spot on, they could have even called it REPLAY. This kid at 12 years old is on fire, imagine in 10 years time at 22. Not many super groms are as modest or have style way beyond their years. We along with the surf world cannot wait to see this kid develop into one of the world’s best.

Water by Maassen

by Tommy Barrels on April 3, 2014

Morgan Maassen knows how to document stoke. Watch his short edit on his adventures in the water. Turn up your speakers or head phones and go on a little journey into the ocean. Get your dose of tropical blue in this magical edit. More commonly known for his photos Morgan has a unique photographic flare that has been transferred into this edit, enjoy.

Rio 2016 – Surfing Olympics

by Tommy Barrels on April 1, 2014

Surfing-Olympics-Mick-Fanning The International Olympic Committee have just announced in Brazil that surfing will now be included in the summer 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Due to the recent advancement of wave pools, surfing can now be judged fairly in a controlled environment. With over 130 surfing nations around the world, it was just a matter of time for surfing to be included in the summer olympics. President of the International Olympic Committee, Mr Thomas Bach said “Surfing is a loved international sport that will be a great addition to the summer olympics in Rio 2016. Mr Bach said himself and the committee believe surfing will bring new Olympic fans of a younger generation that will ultimately include a great selection of competitive athletes from Australia, USA, Portugal, Brazil, Spain and many other surfing nations.

Jordy Ripping Smith

by Tommy Barrels on March 31, 2014

Jordy at home in Durban doing what he does best. Jordy is in form this year and it’s going to be great to see how he performs throughout the 2014 season. Jordy has his equipment dialed with his Al Merrick quiver combined with his Futures Fins, both the updated AM2 Futures and his signature Jordy Smith Futures template.

DMS Actor – Carbon Wrap

by Tommy Barrels on March 28, 2014

DMS Actor Carbon Wrap The DMS Actor in Carbon Wrap technology is quickly becoming one of the more popular choices for those looking to advance their performance surfing. With a refined performance outline combined with Carbon Wrap construction, she is a thoroughbred in the performance department. Dan McDonald the shaper behind DM Shapes has been working with his team riders to improve the materials and construction of the Carbon Wrap over the years, testing different blanks, carbon, kevlar and other materials to get the optimum performance combination. DMS have patented the Carbon Wrap technology which has been designed to store and release energy through the contortional flex from the Carbon Wrap. The unique lively feeling that comes from EPS Epoxy boards is exaggerated in the Carbon Wrap making the board playful and highly responsive for critical surfing in the pocket. The entire DMS Surfboard range can be ordered in the Carbon Wrap technology. To find out more, watch the video below.

Doing it right with Ericson

by Tommy Barrels on March 26, 2014

Ellis Ericson is doing his own thing, seperate from the main streamers, shaping for himself with a mix of old and new shapes. Living in Bali and channeling the 70’s with soul arches and some fine rail surfing. Ericson is doing it right, there isn’t a need for backside airs, dub step or bikini babes. This clip makes us want to get our ducks in a row and go surf, yew. Nice one Mr “Jazz” James.