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How to pack a Surfboard Bag

As Surf Travel starts to get back to normal, we couldn't be more stoked to get searching for waves again. Won't be long before we are getting our bags packed in anticipation for (hopefully) scoring the best waves of our lives.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves it's important to have everything well planned out, right down to packing your quiver. Watch the video above for some tips from our team on how to get your boards safely packed and ready for adventure!

Key steps to remember when getting set to jet!

1. Fly with a reputable airline. Some airlines have a worse rep then others when it comes to flying with Surfboards, consider your options and check out their baggage policies.

2. Get the right bag for you boards. You want to make sure the board bag isnโ€™t too small or too big. Too small and it wonโ€™t allow for a little wiggle room, too big and your boards will more than likely get flung around like a sausage down a hallway. Look for something 4-6in bigger than the biggest board your taking, and make sure to secure the boards tightly with the straps inside.

3. Pack em' right, keep em' tight! Make sure your rails, tip and tail are covered. For rails, an extra safe coverage is pool noodles. Cut down the middle and then attach them to your board, hold them in place with little duct tape if needed. Cover the tips and tails with as much padding as possible, this could be wetsuits, boardies towels or just plain old cardboard. Next make sure your fins are removed and stick a towel between your boards for a little extra padding. It's never a bad idea to tape your bag with fragile stickers, carriers are lugging bags in and out all day and anything extra to prevent rough handling is recommended.

To learn how to choose the right Surfboard Bag for you, click the link below!

View our Surfboard Bag Guide

10/5/2021 10:03 PM

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