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How to pack a Surfboard Bag

As Surf Travel starts to get back to normal, we couldn't be more stoked to get searching for waves again. Won't be long before we are all getting our bags packed in anticipation for (hopefully) scoring the best waves of our lives. Read More

10/5/2021 10:03 PM

Blake Peters from Panda Surfboards explains the Twinzer fin set up

The Twinzer Fin Layout features an additional set of smaller, side bite type fins in front and closer to the rail then the regular twins. The Twinzer was invented in the 80s by Wil Jobson in Southern California, refined in the early 90s by a string of reputable shapers and forgotten soon after. Read More

1/16/2020 10:11 PM

PU or EPS: Which One Is Best?

Why do you surf an EPS board instead of a PU board? We look at the advantages of each construction and how they improve your surfing. Read More

1/1/2020 11:56 AM

5 High Volume Shortboards That Will Lift Your Performance.

Putting the most elite surfboard designs under your feet to surf better definitely doesn’t work for everybody. We all like the idea of riding what the pro’s ride but that’s not really the best way to go about it, especially if you only have the weekends to go surfing. By definition the following boards are designed to lift your performance and make surfing more fun. Read More

11/7/2019 9:29 PM

Surfboards, How Short Can You Go?

Boardcave How Short Can You Go on a Surfboard

Surfboards are getting smaller. In the last few years we have seen a lot of transformation in surfboard design. One thing that seems to be sticking however is that more and more people are realizing that you can go a lot shorter than what used to be deemed reasonable.

There have always been a few pro surfers riding unbelievably short boards, more free surfers though, not the guys on the CT. So the super short boards have been around for a while. But the mainstream surfing population really started paying more attention to it when (not surprisingly) Kelly Slater came out with his Wizard Sleeve way back in 2009 or 2010. He was blowing minds, surfing waves like Pipe on a board that was likely around the 5’10 mark in length whereas everyone else would have been riding 6’8’s or boards above 7 foot.

Tom Curren modified skimboarding
Big wave skim hellman Brad Domke gave Tom Curren his skimboard. Curren transformed it into a surfboard...a tiny tiny surfboard.

Since then, the popularity of the shorter, wider, thicker boards has caught on. Many people refer to these boards as “hybrid” shapes. A blend of fish designs and High Performance Surfboard designs. Usually featuring flatter rockers, wide points pushed forward a touch, slightly rounder outlines, but with more performance orientated tail shapes as well as tail rocker.

Boards like this have proven themselves in everything from knee high slop to well overhead. Just look at what Craig Anderson has been able to put himself into on his Hypto Krypto by Haydenshapes.

We have all seen what Ando can do on his Hypto Krypto. Knee high or triple overhead, this board can handle it.

Why is it so appealing to go super short on your performance boards?

First of all, they are a blast to surf and in a wide range of waves and conditions! Since they are so short, you don’t need much rocker. They fit right in a tight pocket quite nicely and with the lower rocker, they are super fast down the line. Also, due to their shortness, they have less swing weight, so whipping turns around in a tight radius is a breeze. Their wider outline, wide point forward a touch, combined with the flatter rocker also makes them very easy to paddle. Even into bigger waves.

Asher Pacey Surfing DHD Mini Twin Asher Pacey loves the free flow feeling of riding short twin fins. Pictured here on a 5'1" x 20" x 2 1/4" DHD - Mini Twin

So, you can see the appeal of these boards - they are very functional.

There seems to be endless reasons why these boards work so well. And let’s not forget other styles of boards too. We don’t have to limit shorter boards to these hybrids only. A super short fish like the The Turtle by Eye Symmetry Surfboards, or a mini-simmons style like the Mini Pip from Gary McNeill Concepts are extremely fun.

Is there a limit to how short you can go?

Not really, as long as you can harness the surface area and volume you need, the only real thing holding a surfer back from going as short as possible are the waves they intend to ride and their own ability to paddle them.

This is being proven by the range of Soft tops available on the market today. At just 58 inches long, surfers like Jamie O'Brien and Julian Wilson have started really pushing them to the limit.

Jamie Obrien SoftTop Pipeline
Jamie O'Brien charging some heavy tubes on his signature Catch Surf Stump Model

Simply put, you can go as short as you want as long as you can still paddle in and catch the wave in the first place.

Going super short however, for most of us, is best in fun playful waves. That ability to whip a board around so quick, fly through sections and sit nicely in a tight hollow pocket, makes your surfboard feel more like a skateboard. Most shapers today have their version of a shorter board of one style or another to choose from, and many of them play around with different bottom contours, fin set ups, rails and outline to give you the best squirt for what you are riding.

Take something like the Black Diamond from DHD. If Darren designed this board with a wide squash tail, it would more than likely work best in smaller manageable surf. But he wanted the board to be way more versatile. Having a rounded pin opens up the range of waves you can surf it in. It still has the width and surface area needed to plane through flat sections and fly down the line, but the tail allows you to still hold your line in bigger hollow surf.

Black Diamond EPS Boardcave DHD Surfboards
The Black Diamond by DHD is short but able to handle a wide range of waves.

The point is, there are so many variations of shorter boards, some more inline with a particular type of wave, others more versatile. Most of them can be shaped to suit a wide variety of surfers too. Also, your perception of what is considered short (for you) will vary. If you normally ride a 6’8, going down to 6’0 may seem short enough for you and you could still even go much smaller than that and likely have fun.

Going super short is going to be up to you and the shaper you pick to make your board. Everyone should at least have one board in their quiver that is much shorter than their average board. Or at least have the chance to try one whether it be a fish or a hybrid. They are a blast to ride and will open you eyes to new lines and new sensations.

Check out the Board Engine: Surfboard Volume Calculator to find surfboard recommendations all made in America by professional shapers at the top of their crafts that will help improve your surfing.

5/2/2019 9:08 PM

Wajung ft. Dave Rastovich

Surfer: Dave Rastovich
Surfboard Shaper: Gary McNeill Concepts
Film: Nathan Oldfield
Music: Nick Wales

Five and a half minutes of silky smooth surfing by non other then the twin-fin master, Dave Rasta Rastovich. Rasta rides his signature Rasta Torus Twin in the durable eco friendly Flax Construction.

Check out the range of Gary McNeill Concepts below:

Gary McNeill Concepts

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4/4/2019 9:53 PM

WATCH: Shane Borland in Warm Water

19 year old Shane Borland finding a couple warm water waves below the border. Filmed by Matt Tromberg Additional Footage : Tom Carey & Dylan Graves. Shane is a big fan of his Panda Surfboards quiver you can view the range below.

2/25/2019 9:28 PM

7 Surf Destinations For The Bucket List

Dreaming about Surf Trips is important, like, really important. Or at least we like to think so. Having a bunch of places you dream of surfing is key to creating excitement and something to work towards. You’re better off spending your hard earned coin on a dream surf trip than a Foxtel subscription right?

We always like to think that the excitement and anticipation of a trip in the making is equal, if not greater than the trip itself … Tough point to pitch when you’re being spat out of a tube in Indo, but it’s a nice concept nonetheless.

Wave of the Day

A few of our staff have started booking their 2019 surf trips with the guys at Wave Of The Day Surf Travel, so we thought we'd share where the team is headed and what boards they'll be grabbing for the trip!

Wave of the Day

Rob, Customer Support

Where do you want to go? Waidroka Bay Resort, Fiji

What is your ‘dream’ Wave of the Day? Frigates Pass, 4-6 foot and grinding..

“Ever since I was a grommet and watched the Truman show, Fiji has been a go to dream destination of mine and that’s before all the amazing waves on offer. I’ve been to Fiji a bunch of times but really excited to go to ‘Waidroka’ as it’s the perfect getaway in my eyes; It’s got some holiday luxuries yet still has the roots of a classic Pacific Surf Trip. It’s surrounded by world class waves, a lot of which are way less surfed than some of Fiji’s most known spots – which is perfect for some quiet sessions!! If the surf goes flat, which it probably won’t, there is amazing diving close by which will keep the gills wet!” – Rob

Talking surf trips, what’s your dream board for this mission?

Sharpeye Holy Toledo

Wave of the Day

Mark, Marketing & Design

Where do you want to go? Floating surf House, Banyaks

What is your ‘dream’ Wave of the Day? Treasure Island, 4 foot, No one out, hahaha

“I’ve done a bunch of Indo trips but I have not been up to the Banyak’s yet and everyone I know that’s been has loved it! Floating Surf House is such a unique style of accommodation and with waves straight out the front I’m real keen to get up there and check it out.

I also kinda dig the idea of living on the water, it sort of resonates with my idea of an authentic trip in the islands; you know where you see locals living on floating barges, surrounded by the ocean pretty much… It’ll be pretty cool to be sat over the water at the end of each day, dangling my feet in the soup and getting a small experience of living poised over the big blue.” – Mark

Talking surf trips, what’s your dream board for this mission?

Stamps Scarecrow

Wave of the Day

Dave, Web Management, Photographer

Where do you want to go? The Maldives, Southern Atolls on ‘The Blue Horizon’

What is your ‘dream’ Wave of the Day? Tiger Stripes, 4 foot, walling and perfect for a single fin.

“Real keen to get over to the Southern Atolls as I’ve been really into my single fins and mid length boards of late. The waves over there are great for big open faces, perfect for my 6’8 Single fin.

I also love film photography and when you have a bunch of mates on a boat, you surf for a bit, go grab the camera and shoot for an hour then keep the fins on and body surf…That’s my happy place for sure! Just being on a boat is the best, no distractions and pure focus on the ocean and having a good old time.” – Dave

Talking surf trips, what’s your dream board for this mission?

Haydenshapes Cannon

Wave of the Day

Chrisso, Marketing & Customer Support

Where do you want to go? PNG, Vanimo Surf Lodge

What is your ‘dream’ Wave of the Day? A couple of little tubes at Yako with just me a few local grommets hooting each other into waves, that’s the dream.

I’ve been super into my cold water trips this last couple of years and although I’ve had some troppo time in the Ments I’m keen to check out a new zone and have a bit of Island time. I’ve yet to go to PNG and Vanimo looks like an epic place to go with the missus, surf some super fun waves, read, get to know some locals and really enjoy some chill time in the jungle.

I shaped my first board earlier this year, super fun, kind of performancey ‘Twin plus 1’ and the waves around Vanimo look so perfect for it!! I’m just frothing on a new adventure, heaps of time in the water and getting to surf some different boards in a beautiful setting!” – Chrisso

Talking surf trips, what’s your dream board for this mission?

Gary McNeill Rasta Torus Drive

Wave of the Day

Kate, Accounting

Where do you want to go? Jasper House, Sri Lanka

What is your ‘dream’ Wave of the Day? – Hiriketaya party wave with my girls.

“A couple of girlfriends did a Sri Lanka run and I wasn’t able to go so I’ve been itching to check it out as they keep yapping about how good it was. I’m real excited for the long days in the sun, fun waves and really just having some time away on the beach with a good book and a Pina colada …

I’m also super excited to hop on the train, check out a few Tea Plantations and maybe squeeze in a trek or two. Oh, and the food … if I can handle the spice ;)” – Kate

Talking surf trips, what’s your dream board for this mission?

SUPERbrand Siamese Twin

Wave of the Day

Todd – Operations Manager

Where do you want to go? Playground Resort, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

What is your ‘dream’ Wave of the Day? A Frames, Kandui, Rifles, Bankvaults… hang on is 4 dream waves too many??

“The amount of fun waves on offer here is insane! Start the day off with some barrels for breakfast at A-Frames and you can’t go wrong. There’s plenty of options to score fun waves all day long here. Yoga and daily treks through the tropics are also on the agenda.”

Talking surf trips, what’s your dream board for this mission?

Album Freeform

Wave of the Day

Leigh, Content Creator

Where do you want to go? Hollow Trees, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

What is your ‘dream’ Wave of the Day? HT’s, Rampy takeoff, throaty tube.

“My Ideal surf trip is being posted on a tropical island, sippin’ coconuts between surf breaks whilst the missus does Yoga and Hollow Trees ticks all these boxes. Plus the wave looks like it’s paddle distance from the shore which gives you the freedom to surf when ever you want.”

Talking surf trips, what’s your dream board for this mission?

Chemistry Beer Fridge

Looking for more Board Recommendations? Checkout the Board Engine Volume Calculator to find your perfect board!

Wave of the Day

12/18/2018 8:22 PM
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