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WSL Final Highlights

Gabriel Medina VS Filipe Toledo

It was clear early on that one of our Brazilian super stars would take the World Title once again, however it wasn't really clear which one. The game was set at Lower Trestles, Filipe's home turf since 2014. A strategic decision to train potentially turning World Title destiny. However it definitely wasn't going to go his way easy. Medina really showed up this year, it's almost like during his time off he was meditating on how to be a more mature surfer and this in return allowed him to be even more consistent with his results. Compared to previous years, 2021 Medina was hard to dislike.

So who were you backing? The deserving underdog Filipe or the re-vamped Medina?

Carissa Moore VS Tatiana Weston-Webb

Both Women have been going from strength to strength this past year. Tatiana proved at Margaret River she's not one to let any wave out power her. Carissa is the consistency Queen and her focus on progressing above the lip and adding that little extra flare to her turns has not gone un-noticed by the judges. The 2021 final brings a tough match up where wave choice and strategy was going to be either girls best chance at winning.

Again we are provided with a similar decision. The deserving or the just too dominant?

The Surfboards

We have to hand it to this particular brand for pushing the boundaries of performance surfboards and getting the most wins overall on this years tour.

Sharp Eye Surfboards

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9/15/2021 8:20 PM

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