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Beginner Surfboards

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See the range of Beginner surfboards on to find the right board for you if you are just starting out. Fiberglass Beginner Surfboards to Soft Top Beginner Surfboards like the range from Softech Surfboards. How to choose a surfboard can be a challenge when you are learning to surf. has it's patent pending Board Engine that will help you find the right board for your skill level. You can also use the Chat Live feature to connect you to our experienced customer service team to help guide you in your decision to find the right board.

Soft Top Foam Surfboards are a great option for beginners or kids alike. A user friendly solution, a Soft Top Foam Surfboards is durable, easy to paddle, has great flotation, and the soft material is easy on the body when paddling. Finding the correct beginners surfboard when starting out is essential and can drastically shorten the learning curve of anyone new to the sport. Surfboards for beginners can vary depending on where and how often you plan on surfing. Use our Board Engine to help you find, compare and customize the right Beginner Surfboard for your needs. Selecting a board too big will be a challenge to get out to the line up. A board too small will be difficult to paddle into waves and unstable when trying to stand up. The correct board at all levels of surfing is essential. Using the Board Engine will give you a selection of boards suited to your skill level and needs from some of America's leading shapers. SURFBOARD SELECTION: Use our Patent Pending Board Engine to find the right beginner surfboard model for your ability and surfing needs. Customize and order directly from one of our leading shapers and have it delivered right to you door on
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