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Ultimate Guide to Custom Surfboards

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All You Need to Know!

At Boardcave, we specialize in custom surfboards. So if you've been on the search for a customized stick shaped to your definition of perfection, we got ya covered!

What is a Custom Surfboard?

Surfing is unique, and having the right surfboard for your ability, frequency, and types of waves you usually surf is essential.

Snagging a fresh board from your favorite surf shop is always an excellent choice, but if you're looking for complete personalization based on your singular surfing skillets, there is no better way to navigate your board choice than by having a board explicitly shaped for yourself.

From the shape of the board, the dimensions, and even the color, a custom surfboard is a manifestation of who you are as a surfer, a one-of-a-kind surfboard shaped exactly to your personal likings.

So when you've reached the point where you understand what you need from a surfboard to further progress your surfing and to cater to what you have intrinsically discovered about yourself as a surfer, as well as the style of riding you enjoy the most, then it's time have a shaper bring this board vision to life.

How to Choose a Custom Surfboard

Deciding what you desire out of your custom surfboard can be intimidating, as you want to get everything right in terms of bringing out the best in your surfing. When looking into custom surfboards, you need to keep in mind a few significant points.

Custom Surfboard Shape

Surfboards come in various shapes, and the shape of your board has a massive effect on the way it rides. So when looking into a custom made surfboard, having a good idea of the shape you want is a great place to start.

Think about the variety of boards that you have ridden in the past and determine the shape that has always felt the best under your feet. Do some research on what kind of tails perform in specific conditions, and more importantly, why said tail shape performs this way.

A surfer who consistently rides large waves may enjoy the hold of a rounded tail, for example, whereas someone who lives in a place where the conditions are generally small or mushy might like the larger surface area and added float of a square tail.

Once you've determined the shape of your dreams, it's time to delve into more specific details within your custom surfboard.

Custom Surfboard Dimensions

The dimensions of your surfboard further bring to life the shape of your board and include the length, width, thickness, and volume of your custom made surfboard.

Surfboard dimensions are the essential aspect of a personalized surfboard, as they maintain a direct influence on the surfboard's functionality based on your body type and surfing abilities.

A surfboard that doesn't have enough float (Volume) will be frustrating to paddle and will feel slow and sluggish, or on the other hand, a surfboard with too much volume will be difficult to duckdive and turn depending on your size and stature. A slight adjustment in the thickness, width, or length of a surfboard can drastically change the overall performance of a board.

If you're looking for a custom longboard surfboard, for example, then the dimensions will be much larger than that of a shortboard.

The absolute best way to ensure that you nail the dimensions suitable for your own custom surfboard is to utilize our highly innovative Board Engine, as this will help to showcase precisely the dimensions that are best for you and the types of waves you ride. Customized surfboards are essentially customized dimensions!

Location and Waves

The location where you plan to surf your customized surfboard should always be considered.

Understanding the wave types of these locations will help you also to understand the surfboard shapes best suited for the waves, thus influencing your decision accordingly.

Some might want a board shaped for their local beach break that consistently brings in waist to chest high peelers, whereas some deal with choppy and small conditions more so than clean. Others may be on the hunt for customized surfboards for their next surf trip where head high is considered small.

It all comes down to location and the types of waves you plan to ride, and both the board engine and your shaper can help direct this decision for the best results.


Fin choice is an integrated aspect of custom surfboard designs. You may want a quad, a tri fin, a single fin, or even a five fin set up for a little variety and to filter between tri and quad!

The good news is that, with customized surfboards, you can choose what type of fin boxes you want shaped into your board, and exactly how many.

Custom Surfboard Art

Surfing is all about personality. And although the best way to showcase your personality through surfing is your style and varying methods for riding waves, a little custom surfboard art can further bring out a little flair to your new stick.

Because you are on board the shaping process before the board is layered with resin, this allows you to choose the color and design of your board to your liking.

Shapers are renowned for killer designs and art, so have a little fun adding an artistic touch to make your board stand apart from the rest. Of course, customized surfboards, as well as any other board, can also be painted after they are shaped.

Custom painted surfboards allow for even more detail within the art, so if you have a vision and wish to bring it to life, go ahead and pass it over to an artist for a rideable canvas after it leaves the shaping room.

Custom Surfboard Designs- Who Are They Good For?

Although anyone can have a custom surfboard shaped for them, some may find more benefits derived from custom surfboard designs than others.

Beginner surfers will do just fine with an already shaped, stock surfboard, as you can still choose from varying lengths and dimensions of these pre-designed surfboard shapes. Riding a variety of surfboards as you progress is the best way to understand what type of boards you enjoy the most, and is essential to gaining surfboard knowledge before customized surfboards become something that is on your radar.

When you reach the point of maintaining a complete understanding of waves, your surfing, what really makes a surfboard a surfboard, and have an idea of a shape that you want to bring to life through experience in the water, then it just might be time to talk to a shaper so that you can play a role when you design your own surfboards.

How Much Does a Custom Surfboard Cost?

Customized surfboards are a bit more expensive than standard store-bought boards. They take more time and specialization to bring to life, and cannot be pumped out of a shaping machine.

The price of your custom surfboards will depend on the shaper you choose, and will also depend on the type of surfboard. A customized longboard surfboard will require more foam, material, and time than custom mini surfboards, so you can expect the price to fluctuate with the size, the material (epoxy of PU), and the custom surfboard art that goes into your specialized stick.

Pros and Cons of Customized Surfboards

Although custom surfboard designs are some of the best, there are still a few pros and cons you may want to keep in mind before choosing this route versus a stock board.


  • The surfboard is made specifically for your individual surfing needs
  • The dimensions are tailored to your exact body type, height, and weight
  • You get to play a role in shaping the surfboard
  • Custom surfboard art
  • One of a kind surfboard
  • Supporting local shapers and the surfing community
  • Shaped for specific wave types and conditions


  • More expensive than stock boards
  • Long shaping times
  • Choosing the right shaper who can bring your vision to life
  • The chance of the shape not working as you want
  • No demo models

Takeaways of Customized Surfboards

Although there is a plethora of amazing surfboards out there ready for you to choose from, talented surfers and surfers wishing to progress their surfing to newfound levels will always appreciate the value and the heightened abilities of a customized surfboard design.

It takes experience in the water and knowledge of surfing to understand exactly what kind of surfboard you want to be shaped for you, and because of this (if surfing is new to you), you should take plenty of time riding different shapes and sizes before committing to a custom surfboard.

Once you feel ready, however, customized surfboards are a dream come true, a manifestation of yourself and your surfing journey that comes to life the second the bottom of the board hits the water for the first time.