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Finless Surfboards

Finless surfboards are bringing a whole new light to surfing for people opting for a fun, alternative option that you can take out and still do things on. With boards without fins are on the rise, popular brands like Catch Surf and Softech with their finless softtops and Album Surfboards who have been playing around with different finless designs that you can special request and order for.

With a new realm of endless fun, surfboards without fins are making waves today! The guys at Catch Surf have long been working on the design of the popular Beater Boards and have enlisted the help of some big names for boards like the Johnny Redmond, Kalani Robb and Jamie O'Brien all on the team to test and perfect these softboard options.

Make sure you stay tuned to for all the finless board options going around!

Popular Finless Surfboards

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