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Used Surfboards

Used Surfboards are a great option for the surfer who is starting out, looking for a beginner surfboard or simply when you are looking for an option for a cheap surfboard. They are a great way to experience surfing for the first time without having to pay a boat load of money for a new stick that you may only use once.

When you are ready to progress your surfing, or feel that you want a custom surfboard suited to your ability to learn on, you can check out our full range of surfboards from some of America's leading shapers. We have a ton of useful informational pages that can help you make informed decisions with out wasting your time and money. Information covering everything from learning about what boards work for you and the places you surf like Are You Surfing the Wrong Board and Selecting the Perfect Surfboard, to more in-depth knowledge about surfboard designs and constructions like PU vs Epoxy, Surfboard Outlines and even fin advice like Definitive Surfboard Fin Guide.

Whether you are looking to get a new custom surfboard through us or just looking for more information about surfboards in general, we are here to help and just want to help Spread the Stoke! that surfing gives to us.

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