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Mini Simmons Surfboards

The Mini Simmons surfboards has become quiet popular over the recent years, partly due to more people opening their minds to surfing alternative craft, and partly due to the extreamly fun nature of these boards. Short, square, twin keel fins and a wide out like make these board extremely fast down the line and a greta option to take out on the "not so ideal days". But don't put them away when they waves turn on, these boards can be a blast in head high+ surf too.

Taken from the traditional Simmons design planning hull, which was designed with nautical planning hull theories behind it, the mini simmons has been shortened by almost 2/3's of the original length. This makes for an extremely fast, yet still responsive piece of equipment.

Board like the Supersede, Symphony and the Sub by Album Surfboards, as well as Carrozza's El Stumpo and the Flying Turtle by Surf Prescriptions that all draw their influence directly from the Mini Simmons Surfboard.

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