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Aloha Surfboards

Established in 1978 in Australia on Sydney’s northern beaches, Aloha Surfboards is a popular manufacturer of world class surfboards. It quickly saw itself grow from a small surfboard company to a globally recognized name after proving itself to be a highly capable surfboard among top surfing professionals.

Aloha Surfboards has since been seen in countless surfing competitions across the globe with world champions Barton Lynch, Damien Hardman, and Pam Burridge included in their list of riders. Today, Aloha continues to be at the leading edge of surfing by creating some of the best and innovative surfboards in the world.

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Aloha Surfboards

The history of Aloha Surfboards starts in 1978 in Sydney's Northern Beaches and then soon gained traction, attracting enthusiastic support from an unparalleled number of world professionals in a relatively short period of time. As a result, following the globe tour, the Aloha brand was set to march throughout most surfing territories over the next decade, with exposure on all major surfing continents.

Professional surfing has influenced the Aloha ethos and design, and the Aloha team reads like a who's who of surfers, with most long-term members beginning in the junior ranks before progressing to the ASP or WSL circuits of today. Aloha's surfers have cemented the brand into Australia's and the world's rich surfing history over the years, thanks to their incredible surfing and unique personalities. Aloha has earned the respect and recognition of the world's surfers at the age of 36, which is a great testament to our capacity to be at the forefront of surfing and lifestyle.

Their mission is to produce high-quality, handcrafted surfboards and gear that are intelligently planned and artistically executed.