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Catch Surf

Born out of the Southern Californian surf scene, Catch Surf creates a hell of a lot of fun and good vibes with their range of soft top surfboards! Combining a love of Summer beach days and smooth clean conditions, Catch Surf has created a line of surfboards that include Beaters, Wave Bandits, Skippers and Logs that you can surf however the heck you want. Try them with fins, ride them finless, bodyboard or skim on them, Catch Surf Beater Boards are all about turning an average day into a high stoke shred session. They have an amazing team of surfers including Jamie O'Brien, Kalani Robb, Clay Marzo, Taj Burrow and more! Fins are included with every model!

Popular models include the Odysea Skipper and the Odysea Log. Check out the range of Catch Surf surfboards below.


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Catch Surf

Team Riders & Ambassadors:

Taj Burrow, Julian Wilson, Harry Bryant, Noa Deane, Kalani Robb, Jamie O'Brien, Johnny Redmond, Tyler Stanaland to name a few.

Designed by surfers in San Clemente, California - Catch Surf is about style, experimenting and progressive surfing. Grab one of their world famous Beater boards and get out there for a good old expression session. Beater Board surfing combines an expressive flare with a finless surfboard that cops anything (or anywhere) you throw it.

Whether you're learning to surf or just want to have fun, the selection of Wave Bandit Soft Tops are a perfect choice. Enjoy the extra floatation a soft top surfboard gives you and catch more waves than everyone. The Lost Mayhem Soft Top collaboration is epic for shredding small to large waves. A lot of the Catch Surf team, in particular Jamie O'Brien, love charging on their soft tops because they don't snap or hurt as much to land on!

The overwhelming popularity of softboards in the market has led Catch to create a spin-off brand, Wave Bandit; a brand dedicated to offering more learner-friendly surfboards.