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ECCOSOPHY produces high quality, sandfree, quick dry beach towels and blankets with some amazing patterns. The beach blankets are made from parachute nylon which is heat resistant, lightweight and durable making it perfect for the outdoors. They are made up of bright, vibrant color combinations so you will never loose your gear on the beach.

The Microfiber Beach Towels are sand resistant, super lightweight, perfect as your surfing towel. The material soaks up 4 times its own weight and dries 3 times faster the cotton. Checkout the most popular Laguna Towel, made from swirling blues.

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Eccosophy Towels

Location: Granda Hills, California

Eccosophy was founded by Sophia, whose life has been integrated with the sand/beach and water from growing up on the Mediterranean Coast. Eccosophy Towels grew from alleviating the frustrating parts of a beach trip, the sand! and making items that are easy to transport and setup. From that idea the Eccosophy range was created, which includes compact, lightweight, sand resistant towels and blankets.