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Green Fuz

Sonny, Scott, and Cassie started Green Fuz in 2012 by making surfboard bags by hand, manually cutting, stitching and coloring the fabric in their homes. This has now evolved into a small garage based project where everything is still made locally in Southern California and distributed to surfers all over the world.

Green Fuz is first and foremost a creative outlet and feels much more like a hobby than a business to the founders who run it part-time while juggling kids, surf and music.

The canvas board bags come in a variety of styles and sizes and are made with premium USA-made cotton canvas and lined with a nylon cloth that is water repellent. Check out the popular Army Board Bag for boards 5'6 to 8'6 or the Army Log Board Bag suitable for longboards from 9'0 up to 11'0.

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Green Fuz

Location: California

Green Fuz started in 2012 and has evolved to be a popular brand known for their canvas and day use board bags that have found their way to surfers around the world. The canvas board bags are all handmade in California and are constructed with premium cotton canvas and include a water repellent interior lining to prevent water and wax from absorbing into the bag.

See more about how Green Fuz board bags are made in the video below: