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KANULOCK lockable tie-downs are a safe and secure way to secure your surfboards, SUP, kayak, or any gear on your vehicle's roof, deterring theft. Traditional tie-downs are easy to cut or just detach, making your boards vulnerable to thieves. KanuLock's tie-downs include a lockable buckle and the straps are reinforced with stainless steel cables that are resistant to cutting.

Protect your prized possessions knowing you've got them safe and secured on your roof rack. Select from a range of sizes varying from 8ft (2.5m) up to 18ft (5.4m) for the largest of trailer loads.

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KanuLock is a company that manufactures highly specialized tie-down straps. These surfing accessories are designed to keep your surfboards and surf craft protected against theft. KanuLock’s tie-down straps are made with stainless steel cables and comes with a locking mechanism which prevents anyone from simply walking away with your unattended surfboard.