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Surf Prescriptions

Since 1982, Surf Prescriptions has been at the forefront of Surfboard material experimentation and design. Blending modern technology with an artistic approach to create unique shapes. With 40+ years of experience, shaper Jeff "Doc" Lausch continues to push the limits, never afraid to try something new.

Popular models include the hybrid V12 Flying Turtle, built to optimise your surfing in small waves, and the NDR, a versatile all-round shred stick.

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BRAND / Surf Prescriptions PROFILE
Always among the first to try new materials, Doc and Surf Prescription Surfboards will experiment with everything from cardboard to revolutionary materials such as Varial Foam Technology. With a range of boards from grovelers and stoke inspired old school designs like the popular Flying Turtle, the Old School Twin and the Bushwackin Thang, to high performance short boards, step-ups and guns like the Seahawk, the SCVEE and the appropriately named Gun and everything in-between, Surf Prescriptions will have a model that works for you and adds a new level of stoke to your surfing.

With mush machines like the V12 Flying Turtle and the New Toy available to get you out there even in less than ideal conditions, the Surf Prescription range has it all. When the small waves get a little better check out the New Buddy and the F Money and NDR when they start to get a little bigger.