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Essence Surfboards

Established in 2001 by Eugene Wahl Jr., Essence Surf started in a old industrial garage with a single shaping bay. Since then Essence Surf has been a continuing growing brand working primarily on custom shapes and high performance boards. Not limiting themselves to a single type of board or specialty, Essence Surf has internally build all its boards from start to finish with a range as diverse as small wave machines like the Jelly Belly to performance boards like the Boomerang. Boards made for aerials like the Boomstick to advanced surf fliers like the Grifter are all available in the one single range. All shaping, glassing and sanding are done in house, nothing is outsourced to other shops. Obtaining its own PSV8 machine in 2011, Essence Surf has expanded its manufacturing capabilities with increases accuracy and repeatability of any given shape. Working with over 20 team riders Essence Surfboards is continually fine tuning their designs and knowledge of what boards work for what people and wave type. Working with individuals in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, New Jersey and New York, Essence Surf continually receives feedback from satisfied customers and how their boards respond to their particular ride style and location.

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